Testicular cancer arises from the masculine reproductive system. The testicles room responsible for the production of male sex hormones and sperm. Lock are located within the scrotum, a loose bag that skin listed below the penis. Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer arising in American males indigenous the periods of 15 through 35.

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Testicular cancer deserve to be aggressive, growing and also spreading rapidly. However, testicular cancer is highly treatable even after it spreads. Hence, the prognosis for men with testicular cancer is good because the disease can generally be treated successfully.

One the every 250 males establishes testicular cancer at some allude in their lifetime, follow to the American Cancer Society. Becausetesticular cancer is usually treated successfully, the threat of dying because of the cancer is around 1 in 5,000 of diagnosed men.

The exact cause of testicular cancer is not known. Some factors increase the threat of testicular cancer, such as

Age: Testicular cancer typically occurs in between the age of 20 to 35.Race: that is more common in white males than various other races.Family history

The early signs and symptoms the testicular cancer include

A painless lump in the testicleThe affected testicle feeling firmer and also harder than the otherDull aching in the scrotum or the groin

The various other signs and also symptoms the may build later include

Varicocele (swollenblood vessels) appearing as enlarged, dark blue veinsInjury of the testesTwisting the the testicle(torsion)

Most testicular cancers room germ cabinet (cells that produce sperm) tumors. There are two main types of testicular cancer.

Seminomasgrow and spread slowly. There are two subtypes

Classical seminoma:This is the many common and also usually happens in men eras 25 come 45.Spermatocytic seminoma:Commonly occurs in enlarge men and usually does no spread.

Nonseminomasgrow and spread more quickly. They normally consist the multiple varieties of cancer cells, including

Yolk sac carcinoma:These cells look choose the sac the surrounds the embryos and also usually wake up in children.Choriocarcinoma:Usually rare and also spreads to the remainder of the human body quickly.

Self-examination can aid in beforehand diagnosis and treatment. The impacted testes is enlarged, firm and also usually painless. The physician performs a finish physical assessment. Complete blood and radiological assessment is performed.

Blood TestsAlpha fetoprotein level (Alpha FP)Human chorionic gonadotrophin level (hCG)Lactate dehydratehydrogenase levels (LDH)Testicular USGA biopsy is usually performed to check the diagnosis. That is a minimally invasive procedure that involves obtaining a tiny sample that the testicle and analyzing the cells because that cancer.
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The treatment might involve one or a combination of multiple therapy modalities, which depends on the extent of the disease.

Treatment options include the following

SurgeryOrchiectomy: remove of the testicle. A prosthetic deserve to be placed.Targeted therapy:This treatment provides medication to target particular genetic, protein, or other transforms in and around cancer cells.

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Stem cell therapy might be a treatment option in part cases

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