There's a lot of things you can do through a lb of floor beef. This flexible meat can be used so numerous ways (like in your instant Pot). Not to point out it's a fairly budget-friendly choice. There's simply one problem: it has a quick shelf life.

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We've all purchased a lb of floor beef in ~ some point only to have it finish up all brown and slimy (and in the trash) in a matter of days. So just how long go ground beef in reality last in the fridge? and how can we make it critical longer? Here's what you must know.

I dislike to be the bearer of poor news, but raw ground beef just lasts one to two days in the fridge, follow to Although, there space a couple of extra steps you can take to shot and extend the shelf life of your ground beef.

First, the quality of the ground beef girlfriend buy will certainly inevitably impact its shelf life (or the duration of time because that which the food can be stored before the quality deteriorates). Your ideal bet is to purchase high-quality ground beef because that the longest shelf life.

You'll additionally want to pay attention to just how you store it. Save unopened, store-bought soil beef in its original packaging, and store the in the bottom shelf that the refrigerator towards the back.

Say you've cooked up a pound of soil beef because that taco night, how long will certainly that critical you in the fridge? favor all leftovers, cook meats will last in the refrigerator for three to 4 days, follow to the United claims Department that Agriculture.

The only surefire method to make your ground beef last beyond just a couple days is to frozen it. As soon as kept in the freezer (at 0 levels F or below), ground beef and other ground meats will last for three to 4 months.

To frozen ground beef, leaving it in its initial packaging, and also wrap it in heavy-duty aluminum foil, plastic wrap, freezer paper, or ar it in a freezer-safe plastic bag in stimulate to avoid freezer burn. If you've already opened the packaging, you can transfer the ground beef come a freezer safe bag and label it through the date.

When you're ready to usage it, location the packaged floor beef in a large bowl the cool water. Use a hefty weight to save the meat submerged. Enable it to thaw for 5 come 10 minutes. Formerly frozen ground beef need to be offered immediately and also should no be refrozen.

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It's far better to it is in safe 보다 sorry, so stick to the two-day rule. But if you desire to use the ol' sniff and also sight test, girlfriend might be able to tell that ground beef has actually gone poor if it has actually a tart smell, dull (brownish-gray) color, and a slimy texture.