A many of people are afraid of gaining food poisoning after a strength failure. Yet a power reduced does not automatically mean food wastage - much from it. Carry out not throw the end the entire components of her refrigerator. A strength outage have the right to last up to 6 hours without affecting the food in your fridge. For your freezer, this time can go up to as lot as 48 hours without having any impact on her frozen food. That offers you lot of of time!

Your fridge

Always make certain your refrigerator temperature is between 0 and also 4°. If the is, your food products will save perfectly cool for 4 come 6 hours provided you don’t open the refrigerator door.

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N.B. The better stocked your fridge, the much longer your food assets will save fresh.

Things you deserve to keep and things you should bin ~ 6 hours:

Hard cheese, processed cheese Soft cheese, cream cheese
Butter, margarineMilk, cream, crème fraiche, yoghurt (opened)
YoghurtDishes and desserts prepared with life eggs and cooked eggs

Vegetable juice (opened), new fruit juice, cooking vegetables (including soups), handle raw fruit and vegetables

Whole fresh fruit and also vegetablesDishes and products prepared with meat, poultry, fish and also seafood, even if it is raw or cooked
Pasteurised fruit juiceAll ready meals and leftovers

Your freezer

The temperature need to go no greater than -18°. This will store the foods frozen because that 48 hours, as lengthy as you perform not open your freezer door and your freezer is correctly stocked. Frozen foods keep each various other cold, which helps them keep longer. Having said that, if the freezer is just half-stocked, the foods items will stay frozen because that 24 hours.

Please note: if her freezer is a freezer compartment inside her fridge, these preservation times space shorter.

What come keep and what to bin:

For refreezingFor quick consumptionTo it is in binned

Food assets with the center still hard

Blocks of difficult cheese

Dishes and products all set with meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy product products, defrosted eggs...

Defrosted raw foodstuffs as lengthy as their temperature did not exceed 4°, however only ~ you have been cooking themBread, muffins, pastry without cream filling and defrosted fruit...whether life or cooked!

Here space a few tips and tricks to help you address a strength failure:

Keep the fridge or freezer door closed come prevent heat air obtaining in.Cover up your fridge and freezer through a blanket. This will help keep your foods cool for longer.Even with really cold outdoor temperatures, us strongly advise versus putting food commodities outside unless they are properly packed.If you know in advance that the power outage is going come exceed 4h, we advise you come stuff her freezer with bottles the water and also ice cube trays, snugly fitted up versus the food products, before it starts.

Source: bulletin de l"Agence Fédérale to water la Sécurité de la Chaîne Alimentaire

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