Appendicitis happens when the appendix becomes inflamed. Early on symptoms deserve to vary in between age groups, and they can be confused with symptoms of other conditions.

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The symptoms have the right to be uncomfortable, painful, and also potentially life-threatening if left untreated, so the is vital to be able to recognize them.

Sudden appendicitis is the many common cause of acute abdominal muscle pain requiring surgery in the United says (U.S.), with over 5 percent that the population developing appendicitis at part point.

It most commonly occurs throughout the teenage years and also the 20s, but it can develop at any type of age.

Share top top PinterestAppendicitis can cause pain in the lower, right-hand next of the abdomen.
The attachment is around 4 customs long and is positioned on the right, lower side of the abdomen. That is a tube-shaped item of organization that is closed at one end. The is attached to the cecum, a pouch-like part of the colon, or large intestine.

Severe and also sudden abdominal muscle pain is typically the very first symptom of appendicitis.

The pain often starts near the ship button. As it worsens, it will certainly likely transition to the reduced right next of the abdomen.

The feeling might become an ext intense in ~ the next couple of hours and also be worsened by relocating around, taking deep breaths, coughing, or sneezing.

Other standard symptoms that appendicitis are:

nauseavomitingloss the appetiteinability to happen gasa temperature in between 99° and 102° Fahrenheitstomach swellingwanting to have a bowel motion to relieve discomfort

However, this symptoms appear in just 50 percent that cases.

Some patients might experience symptom such together stomach pain an extremely slightly or not at all. Rather may have actually less usual symptoms.

Symptoms in children and also infants

Children and infants might not experience pain in one specific area. There might be tenderness transparent the body, or there might be no pain.

Children and infants may have actually less constant or no bowel movements. If diarrhea occurs, this may be a symptom of another illness.

While children and infants may not experience specific pain as older patients do, research argues that ab pain is quiet the most usual symptom that appendicitis symptom for this age group.

Symptoms in larger adults and during pregnancy

Older adults and also pregnant women may likewise experience various symptoms. The stomach pain might be less severe and also less specific. Possible symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and fever.

During pregnancy, the pain may change upward towards the upper appropriate quadrant after the first trimester. There may additionally be some ago or flank pain.

If there is stomach pain, this may an outcome from one more condition.

Other conditions with comparable symptoms

Abdominal pain can be a symptom the other conditions that seem choose appendicitis.

Examples include:

stomach lesionsconstipationstool, parasites, or growths the clog the inside of the appendixdamage or injury come the abdomen

When to view a doctor

Appendicitis have the right to be life-threatening, and also it requires prompt medical care. That is likely to worsen the much longer it is left untreated. Early stage symptoms might feel choose gas.

If over-the-counter (OTC) medications do no relieve the gas, or if over there is severe and worsening pain, the individual must see a medical professional at once. It may be advisable to go straight to the emergency room.

Treating appendicitis as shortly as symptoms appear will stop it indigenous worsening and also causing further complications.

A medical care provider will typically diagnose appendicitis by act the following:

Reviewing the symptoms

The patient will certainly be request to carry out details about what symptoms they room experiencing, just how severely, and for just how long.

Reviewing the patient’s medical history

To dominance out various other potential health and wellness issues, the medical professional will want to understand details about the patient’s clinical history.

These include:

any other medical conditions or surgeries the patient has or has had in the pastwhether the patient takes any type of medications or supplementswhether the patient drink alcohol or takes any recreational drugs

Doing a physics exam

The physician will perform a physical exam to uncover out more about the patient’s stomach pain. Castle will use pressure come or touch specific areas the the abdomen. Pelvic and also rectal exams may additionally be used.

Ordering activities tests

Blood and urine test can help confirm one appendicitis diagnosis or detect signs of other health issues. A physician may also ask because that blood or urine samples to check for pregnancy.

If necessary, the medical professional may also order imaging tests, such together an abdominal muscle ultrasound, MRI exam, or CT scan.

These imaging tests can show:

an enlarged or to explode appendixa blockage inside the appendixan abscess

Treatment normally begins with antibiotics and intravenous fluid. Part mild instances of appendicitis have the right to be treated totally with fluids and also antibiotics.

The most typical next step is surgery, well-known as an appendectomy. Remove the appendix to reduce the danger of the rupturing. At an early stage treatment is vital to minimize the threat of complications, which have the right to lead come death.

Two species of surgery space possible:

Laparoscopic surgery

Surgeons do several small incisions and use special tools to eliminate the appendix v them.

Benefits the laparoscopic surgical procedure include:

a reduced risk the complications, such as hospital-related infectionsshorter restore time

Patients must limit your physical exercise for the very first 3 to 5 days after surgery.

Laparotomy surgery

Surgeons remove the appendix with a solitary incision made in the reduced right area that the abdomen. This may be important for a to explode appendix.

It enables the operated doctor to clean the inside of the abdomen to protect against infection.

Patients must limit your physical activity for the very first 10 come 14 work after a laparotomy surgery.

Delaying treatment deserve to seriously rise the risk of complications.

Inflammation can cause the appendix come rupture, sometimes as quickly as 48 come 72 hrs after the symptoms begin.

A rupture can reason bacteria, stool, and also air to leak right into the abdomen, bring about infection and also further complications, which have the right to be fatal.

Infections the can result from a burst appendix include peritonitis, one inflammation that the lining of the abdomen, or an abscess.

Taking pain medications have the right to potentially mask symptom and delay treatment.

With prompt treatment, appendicitis is treatable, and recovery is normally fast and complete. With early surgery, the mortality rate is under 1 percent.

Without surgical procedure or antibiotics, because that example, in remote areas, the mortality rate can be 50 percent or higher.

If the attachment bursts, this deserve to lead to complications, such together an abscess or peritonitis. Recovery might be an extensive in this cases. Older civilization make also take longer to recover.

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The attachment is often considered a nonfunctioning organ, unnecessary because that survival, yet some scientists imply that it might play a duty in preserving a healthy immune system.