While reservists and active duty both get in boot camp in ~ the very same time and complete the same type of training, the benefits, pay and time commitment are not the same. There room also significant differences through the lifestyles, pay, benefits, and also more. It’s crucial when deciding what course works finest for you and your demands when serving in the military.

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Here room the differences in between reserve and active duty Marines.


Reserv Life vs active Duty Life

Active Duty Marines space living the life that a Marine; haircuts, everyday PT and also uniform inspections. They are also working long hours in their line the work.

Reservist’s life in the Marines is much more of a part-time role. Not just are reservists just committed to offer one weekend a month and two weeks a year, but they are also able come have more of a functional lifestyle.

Being in the maritime reserves you can live at home, go to school to seek education, and experience most of what various other civilians room able to gain on a day come day basis.

Active Duty life is much more an overwhelming and difficult due come the needs of gift on call and at the prepared especially throughout times of battle where active Duty units are often the an initial to be deployed.

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Regardless the which path you choose in the naval Corps, you’ll go through boot camp at one of two people Parris Island or MCRD mountain Diego. Make certain you’re prepared for the battles the lie front by analysis what you have to know before you go.