Bright light: one out-of-body endure was no the most usual sensation report by human being who had actually experienced cardiac arrest(Source: JenAphotographer/iStockphoto)

Near-death experiences Some human being may retain awareness after they have technically died, according to a study right into hospital patients who entered deep cardiac arrest.

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Fifteen hospitals in Britain, Austria and also the United claims pooled info about an ext than 2,000 cardiac arrest patients.

The research, published in the European journal Resuscitation , seek to assess "near-death experiences" and other phenomena recounted by world hauled ago from clinical death -- once heart and mind activity have actually stopped.

Of the 2,060 patients, 330 were resuscitated, of whom 101 completed in-depth, two-stage interviews afterwards.

Thirty-nine percent explained a perception of awareness before their heart was restarted yet did not have actually an clear recall that events.

"This says that an ext people may have actually mental activity initially but then shed their memories after recovery, either due to the effects of brain injury or sedative medicine on storage recall," states the study"s lead author Dr Sam Parnia the the university of Southampton.

Forty-six per cent stated they had feelings that fear, violence or persecution, deja-vu, or photos of relatives, animals and plants.

Only nine every cent reported the better-known near-death experience, such together the emotion of detachment native the body.

Two per cent claimed they could explicitly remind "seeing" and also "hearing" events while they were technically dead.

In one together case, the patient was able to recall two beeps native a device that made a noise in ~ three-minute intervals, allowing the researchers to time how long the suffer lasted.

"This is significant, because it has often been assumed the experiences in relation to death are likely hallucinations or illusions, occurring either before the heart stops or after the heart has been effectively restarted, yet not one experience corresponding with "real" events when the love isn"t beating," says Parnia, currently at the State university of new York at Stony Brook.

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"In this case, consciousness and also awareness showed up to occur throughout a three-minute duration when there to be no heartbeat.

"This is paradoxical, because the brain typically end functioning within 20-30 secs of the heart stopping and also doesn"t resume again until the heart has been restarted. Furthermore, the thorough recollections of intuitive awareness in this situation were continuous with showed events."

Parnia says more work was needed to check out whether awareness persisted into clinical death.