Shridhar Chillal, from Maharashtra, India holds the Guinness world Record for having actually the longest fingernails ~ above one hand. When you add up the size of each fingernail top top Shridhar’s left hand, the complete length is 909.6 cm - that’s practically 10 meters long (or around the size of 2 cars)!

He stopped cutting his fingernails in 1952 so he has actually been cultivation his nails because that over 60 year - that method his nails room older 보다 your parents...or even some of her grandparents! His thumbnail is the longest in ~ 197.8 centimeter (almost two meters) and also grows into a tight coil.

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Having the world’s longest fingernails hasn’t been straightforward for Chillal. He’s not able come sleep very well, and also has to wake up every fifty percent hour to relocate his hand come the various other side that his bed as his nails are very fragile. It’s likewise been really difficult for that to ever before have a steady project - his nails get in the way of everything!

Now the he’s practically 80 years old, his nails have become really delicate due to his age. He’d prefer to keep them in a museum but he’s maintaining the day of when he’s walking to cut his nails a secret… for now.

UPDATE: that finally cut off his nails!


Shridhar Chillal stands in former of a display screen holding his newly reduced fingernails. (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

After growing them because that 66 years, Shridhar Chillal, currently 82, lastly had his nails cut off in a unique ceremony in brand-new York City. If your family members is ever in new York City, you deserve to go and also see his nails on display at Ripley's think It or Not! museum.

Fingernail fun Facts

Fingernails are consisted of of a hard protective protein referred to as keratin (say “KAIR-uh-tin”), the same protein that is uncovered in her hair and top layer of her skin.Fingernails flourish slowly - about 2.5 mm a month.

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The is thought that nails deserve to grow much faster in the summer due to the fact that we get much more Vitamin D from gift in the sun and also we typically drink an ext water in the summer, i m sorry helps healthy nail growth.If you shed a fingernail it can take 3-6 month to totally grow back.Although her fingernails prosper at various speeds on each finger, this price doesn’t readjust - so if your thumbnail grows the fastest, that will constantly grow the fastest.Toenails grow slower than fingernails.The beginning of her nails is in reality under the skin every the way near the an initial knuckle joint.It is quiet a little of a secret as come why humans have nails other than to perhaps assist protect the tips of our fingers and toes, and also to use as tools to aid scratch an itch or pull out a sliver.