If you sick v the flu (influenza), you’re certainly contagious. But what about before you even know you’re ill? deserve to you still happen the virus to other people? discover out how long the flu is contagious and when the contagious period for influenza begins and ends.

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People spread out the influenza virus to each other once they sneeze or sneeze out droplets the mucus the contain the flu virus. If you standing nearby when an infected person sneezes, then you can inhale few of those infectious droplets and get sick, too. The flu virus also spreads by lingering top top surfaces. You can touch that infected surface, get some of the virus on your fingertip, and also then move the virus to your body by touching your eye or nose.

A human being infected v influenza can infect, ~ above average, 1 to 2 various other people, follow to a review of past outbreaks.

Before discussing the contagious period for influenza, store in psychic that world tend to apply the term “flu” to plenty of illnesses that are not brought about by the influenza virus. Those other illnesses may have actually different contagious periods—or might not be infectious at all. An illustration of diarrhea caused by overeating, i beg your pardon many human being call “stomach flu,” is no contagious.

Influenza virus affects your respiratory system and is accompanied by this symptoms:


Most human being with influenza acquire most of the symptoms on this list. This signs and symptoms of flu may come on an extremely suddenly. Youngsters with the flu may additionally vomit or get diarrhea. If you doubt flu, contact your health care provider around influenza testing and treatment, i beg your pardon may assist shorten the expression of flu and also decrease the threat of complications.

You deserve to transmit the flu virus because that as lot as a full day before you understand you’re sick, and also then for as much as a week after symptoms emerge. Kids and also people with a endangered immune system might be contagious with flu for an ext than a week after symptom start, due to the fact that it takes their body longer to stop the infection.

The incubation duration for influenza (the elapsed time in between exposure and also symptoms) have the right to be as brief as 30 hours. Symptoms have the right to start the work after ending up being infected, i beg your pardon is much quicker contrasted to the 5- to 7-day incubation duration for the novel coronavirus responsible because that COVID-19.

As for exactly how long you most transmittable with flu? experts say the first 3 come 4 job of disease mark the many contagious period for influenza.

Many people think that they’re no longer transmittable for flu after their heat breaks, but you shouldn’t use fever together the yardstick to measure up contagiousness. If you take acetaminophen or ibuprofen because that fever and body aches, for example, your fever will come down—but you still might be contagious.

The CDC recommends no returning to work-related or institution for at the very least 24 hours after your influenza fever has actually come under on its very own (without the aid of fever reducers). In general, to avoid spreading the virus to who else, you have to stay home and away native other civilization for at the very least seven work after her flu symptoms emerge.

Because it’s feasible to pass the influenza virus to someone else before you recognize you’re sick, avoidance is the ideal strategy to protect against the spread of flu. Obtaining a flu shot can help you avoid coming to be ill or lessen the severity of her symptoms if friend contract influenza anyway.

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If you feeling sick or feverish this flu season, be sure to isolate you yourself from any kind of other family members to avoid resulting in a miniature flu epidemic in your own home. The exact same goes for other respiratory infections, prefer colds, COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus, and others.