You can be transmittable from a couple of days increase to 2 weeks or more, relying on which virus is resulting in your stomach flu (gastroenteritis).

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A number of viruses can reason gastroenteritis, including noroviruses and rotaviruses. The contagious duration — the time during which a sick human being can offer the condition to rather — differs slightly for each virus.

Norovirus. with norovirus — the most common reason of famous gastroenteritis in adults — you"re infectious when you start to feel ill. Symptoms usually show up within one to 2 days that exposure.

Although you commonly feel far better after a day or two, you"re transmittable for a few days after you recover. The virus have the right to remain in your stool for up to two weeks or more after recovery.

Children have to stay residence from institution or child treatment for at the very least 48 hours after the last time lock vomit or have diarrhea.

Rotavirus. symptoms of rotavirus — the leading reason of famous gastroenteritis in infants and young youngsters — usually show up one to three days ~ exposure. But you"re contagious even prior to you construct symptoms, and up to 2 weeks after ~ you"ve recovered.

The viruses that cause gastroenteritis space spread with close contact with infected people, such as by share food or eat utensils, and also by poignant contaminated surfaces and objects. Eating contaminated food likewise can reason norovirus.

Washing your hands regularly with soap and also water is the many effective means to prevent the spread of this viruses to others. If girlfriend can"t wash her hands, usage an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which can reduce germs.

To aid keep others from acquiring sick, disinfect contaminated surfaces automatically after someone vomits or has diarrhea. Undertake disposable gloves, and also use a bleach-based household cleanser or 2 cups (0.5 liters) that bleach in a gallon (3.8 liters) of water. Norovirus can survive because that months ~ above surfaces not adequately disinfected with bleach solution.

Also undertake disposable gloves to instantly wash garments or linens that might be contaminated.

Two dental rotavirus vaccines are available for young infants — RotaTeq and also Rotarix. Vaccines because that norovirus room in clinical trials.


Pritish K. Tosh, M.D.

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