Rabies is a very serious virus. As soon as a human being is infected, there is not much a doctor deserve to do to treat it. If a dog, cat, bat, or other mammal you might suspect has actually rabies has actually bitten you, gain to the doctor. The very first dose of the vaccine should be administered within the an initial 24 hrs after exposure. Emergency room medical professional Dr. Troy Madsen describes what species of animals may have the virus and also what to clock for with potential exposure. Dr. Madsen likewise puts to rest the rumors that the rabies vaccine is painful and also administered into the stomach.

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Dr. Troy Madsen defines what varieties of animals may have actually the virus and what to watch for v potential exposure. Dr. Madsen additionally puts to rest the rumors the the rabies vaccine is painful and also administered into the stomach.">
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Mar 10, 2021

Interviewer: You get bitten by some kind of animal, even if it is it"s a dog or a wild animal, the very first thing you more than likely are beginning to worry around is, "Did I gain rabies?" We"re walking to find out an ext about that following on The Scope.

Dr. Troy Madsen"s one emergency room physician at university of audioeditorfree.com health Care. You obtain bit by one animal, i think the very first thing a lot of human being think after, "Ouch," is, "Ooh, do I have actually rabies?" Is the a genuine threat?

Dr. Madsen: It"s a real concern. So, primarily, you"re thinking about this with dog bites, cat bites, raccoons, foxes, and also bats. And one of the yes, really interesting around bats is, and also this is something I"ve found kind of fascinating, the Centers for an illness Control, the CDC, in reality recommends if you wake up and also you look at the ceiling and there"s a bat there, they in reality recommend acquiring the rabies vaccine in that situation. The idea being the you may have been bitten by the bat during the night, you may not recognize you"ve been bitten, the bite marks room usually so small you can"t check out them. Therefore the issue is the great.

There are certain animals that you may obtain bitten by and you might wonder about the concern around rabies, pets like rabbits, rats, mice. Those are not really concerns. The big thing i think around in my mind, typically, the pets that space going to transmit rabies are animals that space not necessarily vegetarian-type animals. Therefore rabbits, those things, they don"t yes, really transmit rabies. It"s more things like foxes, skunks, raccoons, these type of scavenger animals that may be eating part meat here and also there. Those type of animals are sometimes those that bring rabies and also those space the persons we gain concerned around in saying, "Hey, if you"ve to be bitten by one of these animals, we most likely need come think about rabies."

In regards to dogs and also cats, if it"s an pet where friend don"t know the dog or friend can"t observe it, girlfriend don"t understand if it"s had its shots, those are also animals where absolutely we worried about rabies and also we act you possibly to avoid a rabies infection.

Interviewer: so if it"s a neighborhood dog, great idea to go speak to that neighbor, acquire that information and also save yourself from the rabies shots, i suppose?

Dr. Madsen: Exactly.

Interviewer: If you find out, no, castle haven"t had their vaccinations, however they don"t it seems ~ to be showing any type of symptoms, or you"ve been bitten by another animal where you"re unsure, what would certainly the next actions be?

Dr. Madsen: Then, that"s a case where you need to obtain the rabies vaccine. And also what that involves, first of all, is offering them a medicine at the website of the bite wound to prevent rabies infection. It"s no necessarily the vaccine, yet it"s something that kind of neutralizes the virus if it is there. And also then I begin them top top a series of basically 4 shots, whereby they"ll come in, they"ll acquire the shot the day, they"ll come back in a couple of more days, get another shot. These room all vaccines to stop a rabies infection.

And that"s a precaution I"m walk to take it on anyone who comes in ~ a bite from any pet that can be transferring rabies. And also the factor we"re very, really cautious in that instance is due to the fact that there"s not much you can do if someone it s okay rabies. It"s something you really want to prevent. Friend don"t desire somebody to catch it since if someone records rabies and they actually develop the disease, it"s virtually universally fatal.

Interviewer: Really? therefore it"s bad news, it"s severe stuff.

Dr. Madsen: It"s poor news if you acquire it, yeah. It"s among those things you can shot and treat it and try and acquire them through it, however it"s a dreadful thing to get. Therefore really, the treatment for rabies is prevention.

Interviewer: Gotcha. And also these shots, they used to be in the stomach, right? and also I heard they provided to be really painful and there are a many them, but you"re saying there"s one in ~ the site and then four much more after that. Where are those four more?

Dr. Madsen: They"re simply in your arm or her leg. It"s no in the stomach. I remember hear that as a son as well.

Interviewer: has that ever been true?

Dr. Madsen: ns don"t know. That"s . . .

Interviewer: Oh. Not because you"ve been in medicine.

Dr. Madsen: not in the last 15 years the I"ve been in the clinical profession.

Interviewer: Okay. All right.

Dr. Madsen: ns don"t know. Ns heard that too. I remember always hearing the you had actually to acquire a shoot in the stomach and also I thought, "Wow, if I obtained bitten by a dog, no means would I desire to go gain the rabies shot since that sounds miserable." yet no, these room shots, you provide them the same location you"d give a tetanus shoot or something favor that. Castle hurt a tiny bit, sort of prefer a tetanus shooting would, however it"s not something, like some really crazy shot the you"re gaining in her stomach.

Interviewer: Yeah. And better than the alternative.

Dr. Madsen: It"s much far better than the alternative. Exactly. Friend don"t desire to acquire rabies.

Interviewer: and also is this one ER-only thing or can you perform an Urgent treatment for this?

Dr. Madsen: ns think immediate Cares can do this. I can"t speak I"ve looked right into it particularly to see if they offer the rabies vaccine in many Urgent Cares, however it"s a pretty straightforward thing. If friend went there and they just said, "Hey, us don"t have actually the vaccine here," climate they"re going to send you to the ER, yet I think it"s a reasonable location to start.

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Interviewer: all right. And also is there a time limit? after ~ I acquire bit, is the a day? 6 hours? three hours?

Dr. Madsen: i would desire to gain in in ~ the very first 24 hours. Really, as soon as friend can. I would not placed it off, especially, favor I said, because one the the vaccines, one of the injections we"re giving, in ~ the site of the wound is essentially neutralizing that virus if it"s there, so the sooner, the better.