The flu is a transmittable respiratory epidemic that affect the nose, throat, and lungs. The flu virus, or influenza, spreads via droplets when someone who has it coughs, talks, or sneezes. This droplets deserve to make their method into the noses, mouths, and ultimately the lung of other people and also make lock sick. So, how long is the flu contagious for?

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How long have the right to I spread out the flu for?

The flu is infectious from the day before symptoms begin to 5 to seven days after ending up being sick. The incubation duration of the flu, or exactly how long it can take to construct symptoms after ~ exposure and infection, is about one to 4 days. One factor the flu diffusion so easily is that someone deserve to be contagious and also not show signs of being sick until a couple of days after recording the flu virus.

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The contagious periods that the flu, common cold, and also stomach an insect are an extremely similar. V the typical cold, girlfriend can become contagious one to 2 days prior to symptoms start, and you can remain infectious for up to two weeks. The same is true because that the stomach bug, and also you won’t prevent being transmittable for number of days after ~ you’ve completely recovered. As much as the coronavirus is concerned, Harvard wellness reports that COVID-19 can be transmittable 48 come 72 hours prior to the first onset that symptoms. The contagious period ends around 10 job after symptoms resolve. Part infectious disease experts still recommend 14 job of isolation.

One factor viral infections prefer the flu are so usual is the they can spread easily between people. The Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the flu deserve to spread native a sick human to healthy civilization who are just six feet away. This generally happens as soon as the sick person coughs, talks, or sneezes. However, if a healthy person touches a surface contaminated through the flu virus and also then that human being touches their eyes, nose, or mouth, they’re additionally at hazard for obtaining the flu.

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There space four types of influenza viruses: influenza A, B, C, and also D. Kind A is the primary reason of flu season epidemics, yet influenza B can likewise cause flu epidemics. Influenza C is recognized to reason less serious respiratory illnesses. Finally, influenza D viruses aren’t well-known to epidemic people and mainly target cattle. Return there space so countless influenza strains, they all reason infections the last about the same amount that time. The severity that the disease may vary depending on the strain though.

When am I most contagious?

People v the flu room the most infectious during the an initial three to 4 days after symptom begin. 

How long is the flu contagious?
1 day before symptoms develop3-4 job after symptoms begin5-7 work after symptom begin
Start coming to be contagiousMost contagiousStill transmittable even if girlfriend feel totally better

Note: This table is just a generalization. The CDC reports that young children and also people with weakened immune systems might be transmittable after 7 days. 

Symptoms the the flu deserve to start to show up anywhere native one to 4 days after getting the flu virus, and also even though most instances of the flu resolve in a week, symptoms deserve to last increase to numerous weeks for some people. Here are the most typical symptoms that the flu:

FeverCoughCongestionChillsMuscle achesBody achesHeadacheFatigueSore throat Runny nose

How lengthy should ns stay residence with the flu?

Staying home when you have the flu is essential to assist you rest and assist avoid getting other civilization sick. The CDC proposal that people with the flu, or civilization who think they have actually the flu, need to stay home from work at least four to five days after their very first symptoms. The CDC likewise recommends that civilization with a fever stay home at least 24 hours after their fever goes far without taking any kind of fever-reducing medications. If you’re in ~ work and you begin to have actually flu-like symptoms, it’s ideal to go house to stop your coworkers from getting sick.

How deserve to I call if i’m still contagious?

It can be hard to phone call if you still transmittable even after you’ve recovered indigenous the flu. It’s feasible to have actually the flu because that a couple of days, feel better, and also still be infectious days later. In various other words, just due to the fact that you feeling better, this doesn’t median you can’t pass the virus on to who else. The best way to recognize if you still transmittable is to count how countless days it has been since the job you got sick. If the been seven days or longer because you first started getting symptoms, you most likely aren’t infectious anymore.

The flu is infectious regardless of even if it is or no you have actually a fever. You will do it still be infectious for five to 7 days also if your heat breaks beforehand on. The time it takes come no much longer be transmittable is simply a matter of whereby you space on the seven-day timeline. 

What stop the flu from spreading?

There space multiple ways to stop getting and also spreading the flu. Here are some of the best ways:

Avoiding close call with noble people: do the efforts your ideal to continue to be away from sick people will assist keep friend from capturing the flu. If you sick with the flu, limiting your call with other people will save you from dispersing the flu. Covering your mouth and also nose when coughing or sneezing: as soon as you’re sick v the flu and also cough or sneeze, tiny droplets include the flu virus have the right to travel through the air and also infect other people. Extending your mouth and nose is a great way to assist stop this.

Does Tamiflu shorten the infectious period?

Other 보다 these methods, part antiviral medications may shorten the flu’s transmittable period. Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) is a medication used to lessen the severity the symptoms, and also shorten the overall duration of disease which consequently may decrease how long someone is contagious. .Studies present that Tamiflu shortens the average length of the flu by one day, but it is necessary to begin treatment as quickly as feasible from the time of symptom start – ideally within 48 hours. 

Tamiflu deserve to also help prevent the flu if someone’s to be exposed to a confirmed case of the flu. However, it’s necessary to remember that Tamiflu isn’t a replacement because that an yearly influenza vaccine.