Toomany the us have felt that creeping disappointment when we use for a job and also don’t hear back. It’s disheartening. What’s worse though, is not hearing back after going v the whole interview process. Friend took the moment to prepare for that interview, what is one extra 2 minutes come the school, to send a quick‘thanks yet no thanks’ email?

As recruiters, and also educators ourselves, we recognize only as well well how frequently this happens. In order to find out why, we have grilled part headteachers and other recruiters, excellent our background research, and found part pretty amazing reasons. Hopefully they’ll offer some understanding so if friend don’t hear back from a school, friend can better understand why.

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1. The job could not be available after all

The recruiting procedure can start and also stop and be interrupted along the way. Possibly the company started interviewing external candidates yet then had a couple of internal world pop up. Or the funding for the position has actually come into question. Maybe the teacher that was leaving determined to stay, or the school readjusted their mind and also decided to restructure rather of replace. There might be lots of reasons prefer this which have actually nothing to do with yoursuitability as a candidate.

2.You’re still in the running

At Teacher Horizons we might send a college up to 10 candidates for any one position. So can our competitors, and also then there are those hundred candidates who apply directly. That takes institutions a lengthy time to sift through, and also even once they have actually whittled it under to one or two people, the takes time to make a last choice, send end the package details and give the preferred teacher their week to decide. In the meantime, it’s in the school’s attention to ‘keep the various other applicants warm’ in instance their selection falls through. For this reason don’t always give up the ghost…you could be in a final shortlist and still can end up v that job.

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3. Theyfeel the guilt

No one likes the assumed of emailing or calling who to tell them that they have actually notmade the cut. Especially after they’ve met and talked to the human they space letting down. Although the seems like school management can it is in brutal, they do have aconscience and also may simply be feeling downright bad about it. As such they might just procrastinate because that a while, and also then maybe eventually tell themselves “that teacher was an excellent so they would certainly have discovered something else by now… i won’t bother them through a rejection”.

4. They don’t want to it is in asked because that feedback

Well of course, anydriven separation, personal, instance will desire to understand why lock didn’t gain a job, in bespeak to enhance for next time. This is a recruiters nightmare. Periodically the factor is something the the teacher is not able come changelike their personality, or also their indigenous language or accent once it involves teaching ESL students. A schooldoes not want to offendyou cause an argument, so can find that preferable tokeep quiet.

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5. The head is having to consult

In some schools, we find headteachers need to consult theboard that governers prior to they are able to make a decision on any candidate. This requires sending off a inquiry which deserve to take job or weeks come come back, relying on how lengthy the chain that command is. For this reason it might be that the head has actually chosen you, yet it bring away a while because that the plank to OK your decision.

6. They are simply too busy

Schools space filled v the most wonderful human being on Earth, however they space hectic places. The place you walk for could have had 300 applicants, and also maybe 10 of you interviewed. Without a letter merge, that’s an hour that email composing for a head, and sometimes it deserve to just it is in too much time out of your day. From my experience this one is unlikely, however I feel I had actually to include it in together a final possibility to cover all bases. Fingers crossed this isn’t the case for you!

We expect this helps ease her pain if you are waiting because that feedback! For much more advice favor this, check out our blog onSkype interview tipsandCV advice. To gain started through us, and also hopefully have much more success than before, set up your totally free profilehere!