Judging by the recent sales numbers reported by Wendy"s, the chain"s breakfast is a super renowned morning option across the country. For this reason popular, in fact, the it has actually helped the chain garner the highest possible same-store sales in an ext than 15 years. All this during a pandemic. It"s no wonder, then, the the agency is eyeing an development of your locations, and is dreaming up a brand-new kind of restaurant come employ.

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According come CEO Todd Penegor, Wendy"s may be looking at opening drive-thru-only restaurants in the near future, reports Forbes. Much like Taco Bell"s put in order renderings because that Taco Bell walk Mobile locations, Wendy"s is apparently already creating some prototypes for your locations concentrated on drive-thru traffic, and also will proceed to check their options on that front, Penegor said in the latest revenue call. (Related: 9 Restaurant Chains that Closed hundreds of Locations This Summer.)

The chain currently operates restaurants of varying sizes, from timeless freestanding places with 65-plus seat to the clever 2.0 architecture with 30 seats, and some models in between, according to Forbes.

"I think the is vital to have portfolio of restaurants of different sizes to really make certain that we"ve acquired solutions for any type of trade area that"s out there," Penegor explained.

Wendy"s and also Taco Bell sign up with a pool of various other competitors setting their sights top top drive-thru expansion and real legacy innovation. Del Taco has announced there room drive-thru-only ar plans in your pipeline, shake Shack is opening their very very first drive-thru windows, and also Burger King"s brand-new design looks to downsize the median restaurant by 60% and include curbside delivery and food lockers.

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