Abortion typically Asked concerns (FAQ) at selections Women’s Medical center are contained on this page. Generally Asked concerns are answered around Choices in General, Surgical Abortion, Medical Abortion or Abortion Pill, Gynecology, and also Pregnancy on separate pages.

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The function your companion plays in your abortion is up to YOU. Plenty of women pick to tell your partners, boyfriends, or husbands about their abortion. Legally, the is only YOU who makes the final decision whether or not to have an abortion and your visit to options is totally private and also confidential. Top top the work of your abortion, you will be assigned a licensed society worker that will administer comprehensive pregnancy options counseling and also our professional medical assistance staff will be by her side throughout her abortion. You will never be alone. As result of COVID-19 precautions, us are at this time not allowing any exterior support civilization including partners right into our facility. If you perform not have actually a support person to aid escort you house after her abortion, selections will assist link you to a reliable volunteer escort v Haven coalition who can help get you residence safely and also privately.

You can get a clinical abortion (the “abortion pill”) as much as 10 weeks at Choices. Girlfriend can get surgical abortions as much as 24 weeks in ~ Choices.

The expense depends ~ above how far along girlfriend are and the sort of abortion girlfriend need. Choices takes many insurances and helps women get complimentary or low-cost abortions.

Choices is not a cost-free clinic however we can assist you work out financing so abortions have the right to be complimentary or low-cost. Choices is privately owned by Merle Hoffman who founded selections in 1971 soon after brand-new York State made abortion legal and also two years prior to it to be legalized nationally. To assist women with the expense of one abortion, we job-related out financing because that patients so abortion can be totally free or low-cost. We accept many insurance plans and NY Medicaid. Brand-new York State residents, consisting of Nassau and also Suffolk ar residents, can use for Presumptive (Emergency) Medicaid on site for one appointment that day. We additionally accept cash and all major credit cards. We companion with funding agencies for this reason women can get free or low-cost abortions.

Yes, us do carry out the “Morning-After” Pill at Choices. Also known as plan B, the helps avoid pregnancy as soon as taken in ~ 72 hrs after unprotected sex. Setup B is NOT an abortion pill. It does NOT affect or end an present pregnancy. Arrangement B is extended by many insurances and Medicaid.

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Appointments are always recommended. You may additionally walk-in for certain services. Friend can call 718-786-5000 to speak to one of our representatives or make an virtual appointment for any of our services. Chat is obtainable 9am come 5pm on Monday come Saturday from links on many pages of our website.