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Jackpot Games

exactly how do girlfriend play the assorted Jackpot games?

Powerball:Pay $2 and choose 5 from 69 numbers and 1 indigenous 26 because that the Powerball (or ask for a quick Pick and the system will generate your numbers because that you). Friend can add Power beat (which can increase your winnings) because that an extra $1. For secondary $1 every play, pick the double Play option, and also you will have a second chance to match your Powerball numbers in an additional drawing conducted automatically after the Powerball drawing. You deserve to buy approximately 13 weeks (39 drawings) in advance by questioning for breakthrough Play. Illustrations are hosted on Mondays, Wednesdays and also Saturdays at roughly 9pm.

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Mega Millions:Pay $2 and also choose 5 native 70 numbers and 1 from 25 because that the Megaball (or ask because that a rapid Pick and also the mechanism will generate your numbers for you). Friend can include Megaplier (which have the right to increase her winnings) because that an extra $1. You can buy up to 13 mainly (26 drawings) in advance by asking for advance Play. Drawings are hosted on Tuesdays and also Fridays at around 9pm.

Lucky for Life:Pay $2 and choose 5 native 48 numbers and also 1 indigenous 18 for the Lucky sphere (or ask for a rapid Pick and also the system will create your numbers for you). You deserve to buy up to 13 main (91 drawings) in breakthrough by questioning for development Play. Drawings are hosted seven job a mainly at approximately 8:38pm.

Colorado Lotto+:Pay $2 and choose 6 out of 40 numbers or ask for a rapid Pick and also the mechanism will generate your numbers because that you. For an extra $1 every play friend can include Plus and also play your same numbers versus a 2nd drawing. You have the right to buy as much as 13 mainly (26 drawings) in advancement by asking for advance Play. Illustrations are organized on Wednesdays and Saturdays at about 7:35pm.

Cash 5:Pay $1 and choose 5 the end of 32 number or ask for a fast Pick and the device will generate your numbers for you. You have the right to buy up to 13 weeks (91 drawings) in advancement by questioning for breakthrough Play. For an extra $1 ask for the Cash 5 EZ enhance option and you could win indigenous $2 as much as $500 instantly. You can ask for a fast Pick with EZ match or you can finish a pat slip and also check theEZ complement box. Girlfriend can likewise purchase EZ enhance using our vending equipments as long as you finish a pat slip through theEZ enhance option selected.Your Cash 5 EZ enhance ticket will have actually your 5 Cash 5 numbers plus 5 EZ enhance numbers. If any kind of of your EZ enhance numbers match any type of of her Cash 5 numbers, you'll instantly win the prize the is provided next come the EZ enhance number. You can win multiple time by matching multiple numbers on one ticket. Illustrations are held seven work a mainly at approximately 7:35pm.

Pick 3:Pay $.50; $1; $2 and $5 depending upon the wager you play. The easiest way is to ask because that a rapid Pick and then choose your bet alternative or you can complete a pat slip.

Select 3 numbers native 0 v 9. The number selected can be three different numbers or might be replicated in a solitary play. For example: ‘537’ or ‘009’ or ‘339’. (You deserve to win much more when friend play 2 duplicate numbers on an any type of ORDER bet type.)

Select her bet option: specific ORDER, any type of ORDER, specific ORDER + any type of ORDER, prior PAIR and back PAIR. (To win, numbers attracted must complement the wager type.)

Theonlyway to victory off of two equivalent numbers is to location your gambling on former PAIR or earlier PAIR. If girlfriend wager former PAIR or ago PAIR, the numbers attracted must enhance the bespeak in which girlfriend wagered your numbers.

If you location a bet on any ORDER, specific ORDER, or exact ORDER/ANY ORDER, the only possible means to win is through matching all of your 3 numbers wagered to the numbers drawn. Even if the numbers attracted are 2 of the same number, you need to still enhance all three of your numbers wagered with those drawn.

For example:

You bet: 3 – 4 –4 any type of ORDER

In order to win, all three numbers need to be drawn (3 - 4 - 4) for you come win. If just one “4” is drawn, you carry out not have actually a winning choose 3 ticket.

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Powerballis $2; strength Play is second $1. Double Play is an additional $1.Mega Millionsis $2; Megaplier is second $1.Colorado Lotto+is $2; to add is second $1.Lucky because that Lifeis $2Cash 5is $1; EZ match is second $1.Pick 3offers assorted wagers: 50 cents for specific Order, any type of Order, front Pair, or back Pair. You have the right to place a $1, $2 or $5 bet on exact Order, any kind of Order, exact Order / any kind of Order, front Pair, or earlier Pair.

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Powerball:Odds because that the Powerball jackpot and double Play top prize room 1:292,201,338. The odds of winning any prize room 1:25.Mega Millions:Odds for the Mega Millions jackpot room 1:302,575,350. The odds the winning any prize space 1:24.Lucky for Life:Odds of win the happy for Life jackpot space 1:30,821,472. The odds the winning any prize space 1:8.Colorado Lotto+:Odds of winning the Colorado Lotto+ jackpot space 1:3,838,380. The odds of win the plus jackpot is 1 in 3,838,380 million. The odds that winning any prize room 1:30.Cash 5:Odds of win the Cash 5 jackpot space 1:201,376. The odds that winning any kind of prize are 1:6.2.Pick 3:Odds vary. Please see this table (link).

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ThePowerballjackpot is determined based upon sales and also increases till it is hit once a winner matches every 6 number (5 numbers plus the Powerball).

TheMega Millionsjackpot is determined based on sales and increases until it is hit as soon as a winnermatches all 6 number (5 numbers plus the Mega Ball).

TheColoradoLotto+jackpot starts in ~ $1 million and increases till it is hit once a winner matches every 6 numbers drawn. The to add jackpot is $250,000 and also is won when a player matches every 6 numbers drawn in the second Plus drawing.

TheLucky because that Lifejackpot is $1,000 a day because that life.

TheCash 5jackpot is $20,000.

ThePick 3does not have a jackpot prize since prizes are connected with the bets wagered. Watch table (link).

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Power pat is one exciting means to increase your Powerball winnings. For an additional $1 per line of play, you have the right to multiply her winnings by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 time (jackpot excluded)! The 10 times strength Play multiplier is only available when the Jackpot is $150 million or less. The illustration for the strength Play multiplier is done before the Powerball drawing. Any type of non-jackpot prize won on a Powerball play will certainly be multiply by the strength Play number drawn if girlfriend purchased the strength Play attribute with the exemption of the 5 that 5, which will certainly pay $2 million rather of $1 million no matter what the strength Play number is.

*Powerball might reduce compensation levels for Powerball and/or strength Play, including the enhance 5+0 prize, if the number of winners explain prizes over the available draw sales and also prize reserves.

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Double beat is an add-on attribute to the Powerball game. For second $1 per play, football player will have actually a 2nd chance to match their Powerball number in second drawing conducted automatically after the Powerball drawing. The peak prize for dual Play is $10 million.

Megaplier is an exciting way to boost your Mega Millions winnings. For second $1 every line of play, you can multiply your winnings through 2, 3, 4 or 5 time (jackpot excluded)! The Megaplier number is favored from a wheel spin v 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s. Any type of non-jackpot prize winner on a Mega Millions play will be multiply by the Megaplier number drawn if friend purchased the Megaplier feature. For example, if you victory the enhance 4 price that $10,000 and the Megaplier is 3, you would victory $30,000 rather of $10,000.

And if you win the enhance 5 prize of $1,000,000, and you likewise purchased Megaplier, her winnings could be multiply by 5 and also you can win a nice $5 million without hitting the jackpot*!

*Mega Millions might reduce compensation levels for Mega Millions and/or Megaplier, consisting of the complement 5+0 prize, if the variety of winners claiming prizes above the easily accessible draw sales and prize reserves.

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Advance Play enables you to acquisition up to 13 weeks of tickets at once (26 draws because that Mega Millions, and Lotto, 39 draws because that Powerball and 91 draws for lucky for Life and Cash 5). For choose 3, you can play the same numbers for up to 28 consecutive drawings when you particularly play illustrations for Midday just or because that Evening only. If you inquiry to beat both Midday and Evening drawings, you can play the same numbers for up to 56 drawings. Inspect the advance Play crate on her play slip and also then tell her retailer how many draws you’d prefer to play. The very same numbers will be supplied for every one of the illustrations you request. You can check your ticket after all your illustrations have to be conducted and also collect your winnings at once, or collection them together you go along. If you choose to collection your winnings after ~ each illustration you win, be certain you obtain a instead of ticket. Development Play is available at Lottery retail areas throughout Colorado.

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PurchasePowerball, Mega Millions, lucky for Life, Colorado Lotto+,Cash 5andPick 3tickets beginning at 4:30 am Monday v Saturday and at 8 to be on Sunday.

Sales are not easily accessible during draw Break on illustration nights:Powerball:Monday, Wednesday and also Saturday in ~ 7:30 pm - 7:33 pm.Mega Millions:Tuesday and also Friday 7:30 afternoon - 7:33 pm.Colorado Lotto+:Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30 pm - 7:33 pm.Lucky because that Life:Each night (7 nights a week) in ~ 7:30 pm - 7:33 pm.Cash 5:Each night (7 nights a week) in ~ 7:30 pm - 7:33 pm.Pick 3:Monday v Sunday: 1:30 afternoon - 1:33 pm and 7:30 pm - 7:33 pm

Sales will resume after draw break, however, tickets can not be redeemed until after the drawing at around 9 pm.All sales space suspended each evening at 11:59 afternoon for device balancing.

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If you complete a play slip, increase to 5 bets/plays will publish on the ticket. Up to 10/bets/plays will publish on a ticket if you request a fast Pick indigenous the retailer.

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These tickets cannot be cancelled:Powerball, Mega Millions, lucky for Life, Colorado Lotto+, Cash 5 through EZ Match

Cash 5, choose 3:These tickets deserve to be cancelled in ~ one-hour the purchase, before the save closes, or prior to the Lottery mechanism shut-off, whichever wake up first. Tickets must be cancelled at the terminal where purchased.

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The only exception to this preeminence is for pick 3. For all other Jackpot games, girlfriend can match the numbers drawn in any order. Choose 3 offers the adhering to bets: exact Order, former Pair and back Pair. Once these bets are wagered friend must obtain the numbers drawn in that order to victory the prize connected with that wager.

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Powerball: Monday, Wednesdays & Saturdays at about 9pm. Illustrations are held at the Florida Lottery in Tallahassee, Florida.Mega Millions:Tuesdays & Fridays at around 9pm. Drawings are organized at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia.Colorado Lotto+:Wednesdays & Saturdays at about 7:35pm in Pueblo.Lucky for Life:Seven work a main at approximately 8:38pm. Drawings are hosted at the Connecticut Lottery.Cash 5:Seven days a mainly at roughly 7:35pm in Pueblo.Pick 3:Two time a work at approximately 1:36 pm and 7:36 pm every job of the mainly in Pueblo.

Drawings for the in-state Jackpot games, Colorado Lotto+, Cash 5, and also Pick 3 are conducted on computer systems called an ADM (Automated drawing Machine). The ADM is a stand-alone computer which is not associated to any network or other systems and also is locked in a secure room. The ADM is certified through the manufacture for randomness and also is individually verified by a 3rd party auditor. To ensure the integrity of each drawing, an independent certified publicly accountant (auditor) is current at every drawing. Citizens space welcome to witness a illustration by appointment, please contact the drawing Manager in ~ 719-546-5318 if you room interested.

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Mega Jackpot Games

The winning numbers because that Powerball are produced using ball drop equipments at the Florida Lottery in Tallahassee, Florida. One maker holds the 69 white balls and another holds the 26 red ones. The balls space released and also air makes them circulate in the machine until they are attracted into the winning numbers chute.The to win numbers for Mega Millions are likewise generated using sphere drop equipments at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. One device holds the 70 white balls and also another stop the 25 yellow ones. The balls are released and also air makes them circulate in the an equipment until castle are drawn into the winning number chute.

In-State Jackpot Games

The to win numbers for Colorado Lotto+ and Cash 5 are created from Automated drawing Machines (ADM) in Pueblo, Colorado. The ADM devices are stand-alone computers that do not attach to any kind of other computer system system including the Internet. This pcs use a arbitrarily Number Generator (RNG) to choose the win numbers. This RNG supplies a software regimen that boundaries the selection of numbers easily accessible (1-40 because that Colorado Lotto+ and also 1-32 because that Cash 5) and additionally eliminates the possibility of duplicate number being drawn in a solitary drawing (i.e. Cash 5 winning numbers cannot incorporate two “22”s in the set of 5 attracted numbers).

Both the ADM and the sphere drop makers are inspected by third-parties and also certified through auditors before use.

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Current winning numbers and accessibility to previous winning numbers can be uncovered on the house page of ours website and can be found using ours mobile app. Friend can additionally have winning number sent straight to her mobile maker via text or by email when you authorize up come belong come MyLottery. Lottery outcomes are likewise publicized by most television stations and also daily newspapers. Lottery retailers can additionally print winning number reports because that current and also past drawing dates.

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once did Colorado sign up with the multi-state games: Powerball, Mega Millions and also Lucky for Life? How many states participate?

We started selling Powerball tickets on august 2, 2001, v the an initial drawing ensuing on respectable 4, 2001. Powerball is play in 45 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the us Virgin Islands.

We started selling Mega Millions ticket on might 16, 2010. The very first drawing was organized on might 18, 2010. Mega Millions is played in 45 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and also the us Virgin Islands.

We began selling lucky for Life ticket on July 17, 2016. The very first drawing was hosted on July 18, 2016.Lucky because that life is play in 26 states.

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The gamings are very comparable with peak prizes accessible for football player who complement all numbers drawn. Mega Millions and Powerball beginning jackpots are based upon sales. Jackpot odds because that Mega Millions space 1 in 302.5 million with as whole odds that 1:24; Powerball jackpot odds are 1 in 292.2 million and also overall odds room 1:25. Mega Millions and also Powerball tickets price $2 every line of play. Both games offer an optional multiplier feature: Megaplier of Mega Millions and also Power Play for Powerball. Mega Millions drawings are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings; Powerball drawings are hosted on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Powerball offers, for secondary $1 per play, dual Play, wherein players will have actually a second chance to match Powerball number in an additional drawing conducted instantly after the Powerball drawing. Mega Millions does not have a dual play feature.

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A Powerball jackpot winner may pick to obtain their prize in 30 payments over 29 years or a lump-sum payment. The cash value option, in general, is the amount of money required to be in the jackpot compensation pool, ~ above the work of the drawing, to money the estimated jackpot annuity prize. The advertised jackpot annuity and cash value are estimates until ticket sales room final, and for the annuity, until the Multi-State Lottery combination takes bids top top the acquisition of the securities.

If you room a Mega Millions jackpot winner, you will have the an option of a Cash alternative or an yearly Payout. Annuity Option: gives for an initial annual payment followed by 29 annual payments. Every payment is 5 percent bigger thanthe previous one. Cash Option: A one-time lump-sum payment the is same to all the cash in the Mega Millions jackpot compensation pool.

Federal and State revenue tax use to every little thing income you actually receive in a given tax year, even if it is it is incomes or lottery prizes. If you take it the cash lot (say $50 million), then you pay revenue tax ~ above $50 million. If you take the annuity (say $100 million), climate you pay revenue tax ~ above the money friend actually obtain each year. As with your wages, a withholding lot is forced to it is in taken out immediately. The Lottery will send you aW2-Gform and you figure your actual taxes at tax time.

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A fixed percentage of every Mega Millions and Powerball ticket marketed goes into its CASH jackpot. The cash jackpot is every the money that the lottery has actually on hand indigenous the revenue of ticket in the game. If a player choose the cash option, then the Lottery will certainly pay the entire cash amount to the winner (less income tax withholding amounts required by federal and state laws).

The Lottery additionally offers an ANNUITY jackpot option that can aid reduce taxes and also offers the winner a 100% guaranteed revenue stream end time. The two gamings offer different types of annual income streams, giving the players an ext options. If a winner elects the annuity option, then the Lottery will invest the whole cash amount before taxes are deducted. The difference in between the CASH jackpot and also the ANNUITY jackpot is the interest income that develop over time. The Powerball annuity jackpot earns much more interest for 2 reasons.

1. The Powerball Annuity Jackpot invests an ext money because that a longer duration of time. The Powerball annuity is paid the end in graduated amounts (rising through 4% every year to store up through inflation) over 29 years (30 payments). The yearly payments flourish larger to save pace v the winner's expected price of living. The Mega Millions annuity​provides for an initial annual payment complied with by 29 yearly payments. Each payment is 5 percent bigger thanthe ahead one.In both cases, the first payment is an instant cash payment.

2. The Powerball Annuity Jackpot is invest in a more comprehensive variety that securities 보다 the Mega Millions Jackpot, allowing more interest to be earned. All of the securities supplied to assistance both games' jackpots offer far-ranging levels the U.S. Government backing. The is important to know that the Lottery is invested in this securities; no the winner. The winner has a contract with the claims to pay the yearly prize payment, no matter what happens to the securities.

Since the 2 games' jackpots room invested differently, if the CASH jackpots room the same, the Powerball jackpot will certainly pay a larger ANNUITY over time than Mega Millions. If the ANNUITY value of the jackpots is the same, climate Mega Millions' CASH jackpot will be larger than Powerball's CASH jackpot. The CASH jackpot amounts present the true present-day values of the jackpots. A winner who wishes to take the CASH jackpot have to compare just the CASH jackpot amounts. The ANNUITY jackpot quantities will be crucial for those winners who setup to pick a long-term, completely guaranteed revenue stream.

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Top Prize: One (1) winner obtain the full annuity value of seven thousand dollars ($7,000) a week for life through the alternative of acquisition the cash value.

The peak Prize cash value is collection forth in the “Published Notice” available on the Lottery terminals, Lottery website, and Lucky for Life website. The cash value have the right to be revised thirty (30) days prior to the an initial drawing in which it is applicable.All annuitized payment shall be produced a minimum the twenty (20) years.Two (2) to fourteen (14) optimal Prize winners share equally in the pari-mutuel compensation of seven thousand dollars ($7,000) a week because that life v the option of acquisition the cash value split by the total number of Top prize winners. The cash option have to be taken if the annuitized worth is less than 5 hundred dollars ($500) a week for life.Fifteen (15) or more Top compensation winners share equally in a pari-mutuel compensation of seven million one hundreds twenty-five thousands dollars ($7,125,000). No annuity alternative shall be accessible at this level.For a solitary Wager, the measure up life of a top Prize Winner supplied to determine the duration end which the height Prize is paid, shall it is in the organic life of the individual determined by the selling Lottery to be the peak Prize Winner. If the height Prize under a solitary Wager is being claimed by much more than one (1) herbal person or through a legitimate entity, the measure up life for that height Prize Winner shall it is in twenty (20) years.

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We execute not offer an virtual or mail-in subscription service. We offer development Play with our retailers wherein you deserve to play up to 26 draws because that Powerball, Mega Millions, and also Colorado Lotto+, and also up come 91 color etc forLucky for Life and Cash 5 (13 weeks). Check the advancement Play crate on the leaf of her play slip. The retailer will certainly ask girlfriend how countless draws you’d like to play, and also charge you accordingly. The same numbers will certainly be played for all drawings purchased.