As Gmail refuses to send emails with much more than 25MB the attachments, it’s tough to send large presentations, photos or videos.

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However, yes a workaround. In this article, I’ll display you how to bypass the present Gmail attachment limit and also send as many big files together you want!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Understanding the existing Gmail attachments Limit

In 2017, Google announced that they were increasing the Gmail paper size border to 50 megabytes. However, there was a catch.

That 50MB attachment size limit was just for just arrive email. For this reason while you could receive emails with an ext information, you to be still stuck to a limit 25MB border for uploading.

To make matters worse, the 25MB paper sharing limit isn’t yes, really 25MB.

Let me explain:

Gmail allows you share papers up come 25 MB in size, wherein the dimension is figured out by the dimension of the record on disk. If you affix a document larger than 25 MB in size, it it s okay uploaded come Google Drive and Gmail places a download attach to the document in the body of your email message.

If you attach large files higher than 25 megabytes, the Gmail app uploads it come Google Drive and also links to it instead of it is registered it.

However, even if you share documents smaller than 25 MB, bypassing the must use Google Drive, the actual email messages finish up being around 50 MB in size, due to the fact that of how an attachment record doubles in size when encoded into the format vital for email file sharing (MIME).

Long story short, the records you connect to your email generally dual in dimension in Gmail due to how that encodes an attachment file.

So what Gmail users are left with is a file size limit that’s basically 12.5MB! also if you usage email apps choose that use Gmail API, the doesn’t totally solve her problem. Why? The Gmail API has actually a hard record sharing border of 35 MB because that your email message.Therefore, in terms of using and most various other Gmail API based letter drop apps, your finish Gmail mail message, once encoded into MIME format, cannot exceed 35 MB.That equates to around 17-18 MB of added files such together an inline picture or any additional documents.


Even despite my attachment is just 24 MB as it sit on my computer, it expands to end 44 MB once MIME-encoded in my Gmail inbox, and I obtain an error article for mine inquiry in the browser.

Also, note that the size limit is applied to an individual email message, no all emails in aggregate. It doesn’t issue whether you’re sending out it come one email resolve or come 1,000, the MIME-encoded email you compose cannot exceed 35 MB.

2 Easy means to address the Gmail document Size Limit

There space two straightforward methods to workaround the Gmail attachment size limit. Let’s go over every one:

1. Usage Google Drive

This is the default choice for most people trying to share papers that are bigger than 25MB. As soon as Gmail detects that your letter is larger than 25MB, it automatically uploads her attachments to Drive and adds a download connect to the in her mail.

While this automatic procedure is helpful, it have the right to be a tiny unwieldy to work with — specifically if you’re managing multiple large files. Because that a much more structured process, it’s recommended that you manually use Google drive to upload huge attachments the exceed 25MB.

Here’s a rapid walk-through on exactly how to usage this cloud warehouse method:

Step 1

Sign up for Google journey in her browser. Google drive is a cloud warehouse and document sharing business that gives you a greater storage limit than a constant Dropbox account.

Once you sign up because that Google Drive making use of your Google account, you’ll have actually instant access to 15GB of cloud storage an are for free!

Step 2

Create a folder in Google Drive.

Once you’re in Google Drive, click the My Drive symbol that’ll open up up a drop-down food selection tab in your internet browser where you can straight upload the record or create a separate folder.


Step 3

Once you’ve included your files/folders to Drive, you deserve to open your Gmail inbox tab and start to create your mail. Locate the Drive icon in ~ the bottom of the window to uncover the documents you’d prefer attached.


Step 4

You’ll currently see every the files/folders stored in her Google journey account. Pick the ones you desire to be uploaded and also click the Drive symbol titled “Insert together Drive Link” in ~ the edge of the screen.


The Gmail application will now add a download link to these attachments in her email. Every you have to do currently is to click the “Send” button.

When recipients receive the mail, they can click the link and also will it is in redirected to this attachments.

2. Compress your Files

Another easy means to gain past the gmail client file size limit is by sending out compressed files.

If you have multiple huge files that should be uploaded, friend can constantly compress them into a zip folder. Zip folders take it up much less place and are much easier to transport to other computers.

Here’s how you compress papers in windows 10:

Step 1

Open paper Explorer on her computer and navigate come the data and documents you’ll be sending.

Step 2

Click the “Control” key and select all these papers you’d favor to compress.

Step 3

Right-click and also select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder” in the drop-down menu.


And that’s it!

You’ve now compressed every your huge files right into a zip folder. This adjust in size must take less room when uploading, help you accomplish Gmail’s requirements.

Note – Zip folders can’t job-related miracles and usually alleviate the size of your large files by only 30 come 40 percent. If the zipped folder quiet isn’t small enough because that Gmail, climate you’re out of luck. You’ll need to opt for the cloud storage course to obtain your records attached as soon as you compose an email.

Tracking your Attachment Opens

Using Google drive to send a record link instead of sending out attachments has actually three benefits:

Many human being are wary of opening any email records attached, also if the data is from recognized senders, to stop risking malware. Web links are usually thought about far safer in an e-mail exchange.Finally, when links are used, it permits the sender to actually track if world have clicked ~ above the link or not appropriate from their Gmail inbox.

How Helps

Mail autumn apps choose can assist users track drive links. This organization supports click-tracking to assist you identify if a person has opened your Drive connect or not. This have the right to be incredibly helpful when sharing proposal files as you’ll understand when the recipient has actually accessed the links.

Just navigate come the “ Reports > Clicks” tab in your Gmail app and also you can see all the tracking information:


Note – To prevent your web links from looking favor phishing links, does no track links where the anchor message itself is the URL. Us recommend the the sender re-labels their Google drive download connect to protect against this issue.


The reality is the the world’s most used email company provider can’t take care of emails larger than 25 megabytes of data. Even if it is you use Gmail’s pop or IMAP server, the story continues to be the same.

However, till Google release a brand-new update (that in reality helps a sender v uploading files) customers can constantly send Drive web links from their desktop computer device or their Android or iOS Gmail mobile app.

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In the meantime, if you typically send the end multiple emails in ~ once, why no install the mail unify chrome extension?

It can merge her emails and make mass emailing a breeze! sign up because that a free account in just a few seconds here.