Predicting how The wade Dead ends (Properly) after The wade Dead was confirmed to be ending with season 11, right here are three potential finale courses the AMC zombie series could take.

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How will certainly AMC"s The go Dead come to an end when season 11 airs in 2022? The walking Dead has actually survived controversy, fall ratings, significant cast departures and a real life pandemic, yet marches top top despite absent a couple of limbs and also looking somewhat less fresh 보다 it go in 2010. Based upon the comic book by Robert Kirkman, the original version of The go Dead ran native 2003 to 2019 and also ended upon completion of the republic arc. The TV adaptation is now gearing increase to introduce The commonwealth in the season 10 finale, so pack up in season 11 is more or less consistent v the framework of the comic books.

However, the doesn"t have to mean The wade Dead will end the same way. The TV series has made a number of far-reaching deviations end the years, native killing off Carl Grimes to introducing the secret CRM group. AMC have likewise confirmed that the walking Dead saga will continue via a spin-off starring Norman Reedus" Daryl Dixon and also Melissa McBride"s Carol Peletier, the only original actors members still around. Through so many different facets in play, there"s no insurance that The wade Dead will follow the finale set out by the pages of Robert Kirkman"s comic.

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The wade Dead fans needn"t worry about the display ending just yet. There"s the delay season 10 finale, an additional 6 illustration in 2021, and then a full final season still come enjoy, not to mention Fear The walking DeadWorld Beyond, and also the rick Grimes movie. The huge expansion of the zombie apocalypse ~ above TV opens up up even more possibilities because that how The walking Dead might end. Acquisition into consideration everything at this time known around the future of the franchise, right here are three feasible ending routes The go Dead could take.

The go Dead could (Almost) monitor The Comics

AMC"s The wade Dead has already written itself out of an authentic ending, but could still manage a close translate of Kirkman"s original finale. In The wade Dead"s comics, Rick and Maggie control to avert civil war within the Commonwealth, forging a new, more powerful partnership between all communities. Tragically, rick is eliminated in a cowardly sneak attack, threatening another outbreak the violence, however Carl follows his father"s example and cooler top prevail. Flashforward come the future, and Carl is married to Sophia (Carol"s daughter) and has a son of his own. The Alexandria-Commonwealth for sure zone has grown exponentially, and many citizens haven"t checked out a wild zombie in years. Alas, there"s an element of complacency come the new world - Carl is constantly forced to remind everyone that peril still exists, but it"s a positive and hopeful final chapter nonetheless.

With stack vanished and Carl already long dead (Sophia exited way back in season 2), The walking Dead"s TV series can"t emulate this storyline exactly, however could substitute Carl because that Judith, who died as an child in the comics. The live-action flashforward would center roughly Judith"s future family instead the Carl"s, but depict a likewise peaceful world where civilization is ultimately making a comeback. Judith"s personality additionally suits Carl"s role of "grizzled zombie veteran who never lets their guard down" from the comics. As for The go Dead"s current timeline, complying with the resource material would typical making a brand-new allegiance with the commonwealth and, after part initial disagreements, a brighter future through a powerful new partner.

This finishing would it is in the most authentic option, satisfyingly upbeat while still retaining a note of darkness. It wouldn"t, however, address the various TV-exclusive pieces at this time on the board. The CRM, the spin-off storylines, Rick"s survive - The wade Dead has an ext to resolve in live-action 보다 it go in printed form, and mirroring the original finishing wouldn"t examine every box. Additionally, it"s far trickier to pull off a prolonged time run on display screen than in the comic world. Not only would every character need to be aged-up by roughly a decade, an entirely new actress would be required to play Judith.

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The walking Dead"s CRM might Kill Everyone

The walking Dead Helicopter CRM Group
The walking Dead has, by and large, been a depressing watch. Aside from the continuous threat of being consumed alive, viewers have actually witnessed Glenn gain brutally murdered, wholesome personalities be cruelly killed off, and beacons that hope repetitively extinguished by villains, both undead and also still breathing. Given the stench of fatality that has doggedly followed The wade Dead around for its complete 10-season run, it"s difficult to ascendancy out a shocking ending in i m sorry the bulk of the actors are killed off and the negative guys success - and the means to execute so has already been introduced.

The CRM, otherwise well-known as the "helicopter group," are by much the most developed culture yet to attribute in the entire world of The walking Dead, but it"s not yet clear whether they"re good guys or not. ~ above one hand, the CRM are trying to change the world for the better, but on the other, they"ve abducted human being in secret and killed their very own members to prevent news the the CRM"s presence spreading. The CRM"s primary goal can be virtuous - end the zombie apocalypse, or something comparable - yet their techniques are highly questionable, and could placed the company on a collision course v Alexandria. Developed exclusively for The wade Dead"s TV series, the CRM is a cooperation of 3 unknown communities and also the "C" might potentially was standing for "Commonwealth." As viewed in Fear The go Dead, the CRM don"t take it kindly to their presence coming to be public knowledge, so if the Commonwealth and Alexandria start getting friendly towards the end of The go Dead season 10, the CRM could decide to take action in season 11, wiping out basically every character other than Daryl and Carol.

While this ending would be a morose conclusion to The walking Dead, a massacre would much better fit the wider franchise plans currently in motion. The devastation of Alexandria and also its inhabitants would neatly define why Daryl and Carol have their own spin-off, and also the CRM would be created as the big new villains, paying turn off years of setup. This uber-miserable, violent finishing would also tie into Rick Grimes" arc. Rick to be last watched being whisked away by a CRM chopper, however as evidenced in The wade Dead season 10, has due to the fact that been the end on the road. Strangely, rick didn"t decide to return residence to his family. After his brush v the CRM, rick might"ve spent years trying to escape his captors, and also couldn"t go back to Alexandria for fear of leading the CRM right to his family and friends. This would certainly be explored further when Andrew Lincoln makes his large screen return.

Walking Dead World past Rick Grimes
The go Dead can be an naturally violent story with a history of heartbreaking character deaths, yet that doesn"t average the last episode can"t be an uplifting affair. The comic book"s finishing was largely positive, but came with specific caveats the prevented full-scale saccharine emotionally overload. Negative habits had actually crept ago into the community, and also some of rick Grimes" lessons had actually evidently been forgotten in the more peaceful era. New roots that capitalism were additionally beginning to peek through, through Glenn and also Maggie"s son running a zombie circus show, risking lives for his own profit. Rick had helped to build a civilization where children could get an impression happy and free, however the zombie threat was still an extremely much a reality.

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AMC"s The walking Dead has actually all the devices to stretch also further right into "happy ending" territory, with touching reunions and also the promise of a actual solution to the zombie problem. This potential finale would start by copy the comic books, through Alexandria and The commonwealth averting a full-scale conflict and becoming true partners, promising to bravely meet the future together and also rebuild the world. Then instead of a flashforward years right into the future, the closing episode might include a much shorter time run of much less than a year, in which rick Grimes and Michonne do their grand return to Alexandria. Rick would expose that he has actually been working to discover a cure for the zombie virus alongside the CRM, but now needs the aid of his old friends.

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Once again, this finishing would coalesce v the other Walking Dead projects right now on the boil. Rick"s mission to uncover a healing would describe his absence, check the prominence of the CRM, and give Daryl and Carol a reason to head the end alone. A potential cure for the zombie virus is currently being teased as a future plot point by Walking Dead: human being Beyond. The spin-off"s premise look at a group of youngsters embark on a mission to find Dr. Leo Bennett, a human being renowned biochemist with knowledge of the zombie outbreak. The lead protagonists seem to be component of the CRM, illustration a triangle link between Rick, a potential cure, and also the CRM. This finishing would market the best of both people - a satisfying and definitive close to The walking Dead, when feeding right into the various other spin-offs and also movies in the works.