Katherine Williams-Dunning, period 27, was affiliated in a single-vehicle collision on June 13, 2020, when driving along West Antioch roadway in Henry County, Tennessee. She and her husband were towing a boat and also heading southbound on Highway 79 once the vehicle rolled over.

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Williams-Dunning died at the scene of the accident from her injuries. Her husband, Tyler Dunning, to be airlifted to Vanderbilt university Medical center in Nashville.

Daughter of country singer Hank Williams Jr. And Mary jane Thomas, Katherine to be born ~ above October 21, 1992. She married Tyler Dunning in October 2015 and also leaves behind she 5-year-old, Beau, and 2-year-old, Audrey Jane, and her brother, Sam Williams.

Tennessee deadly accident statistics

According come a recent Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) report, Henry County saw 4 car accident fatalities in 2019. To date, there have been 5 reported fatalities this year. Even though Tennessee as a entirety is currently seeing a decrease in accident-related deaths, a single fatality is one too many.

What carry out you perform after a car crash?

Even despite it’s also late for the Williams family, there are actions you should take if a similar tragedy happens to friend or a love one.

If you’ve just been in a Tennessee vehicle accident, follow this steps.

1. Make sure you and also any passengers aren’t injured. Slowly and gently move your arms, legs and also head one at a time and look to see if over there are any kind of cuts or bruises. If someone needs instant medical attention, call 911.

2. As shortly as you’ve shown no one is suffering from a severe injury, speak to the Tennessee police or THP to report the accident. Even if the damages looks insignificant, drivers should constantly call to report one accident.

3. If you’re able, take photos of the scene including every vehicle involved, weather conditions, stoplights or street signs (if there room any), and also road conditions. These will certainly be essential when filing a claim.

4. Exchange contact and insurance details with other chauffeurs if that a multi-vehicle accident. This is necessary when it’s time to talk to the insurance allowance company.

5. When the police or THP arrive to investigate, you’ll be inquiry to to fill a report stating her name, contact information and also a description of the accident. This is typical for any car accident in Tennessee. Remember to be together clear and also concise as possible.

6. Seek prompt medical attention as soon as the examination is over. Even if friend didn’t an alert any injuries before reporting the accident, you may experience whiplash or a gentle concussion later. Either of these might lead to more serious pain down the road, which suggests a major injury.

7. As soon as the treating physician gives the all-clear, you may want to discuss your auto accident v a license is granted Tennessee attorney. They’ll identify if you have a instance for filing a case that will cover and medical prices or damages incurred.

When you must hire a Tennessee vehicle accident attorney

Having a professional car crash lawyer is important in the event of a major car accident, together they can help you recover any type of losses and receive services to help with medical care or funeral costs. Yes nothing that have the right to take far the shock that a vehicle crash or the lose of a love one affiliated in the wreck, however there is something you deserve to do about it.

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Gilreath & Associates recognize how challenging it is to shed a love one in a deadly accident and also we are here to assist discuss your case with the time, care and compassion the deserves. Scheduling her free early stage consultation is the very first step top top the road to recovery. Our legal specialists are ready and also committed to serving Tennessee drivers.