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New polling figures show President Joe Biden leading previous President Donald trump card by a slim 2-point margin in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.

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In a brand-new poll exit by Redfield & Wilton techniques Thursday, 42 percent said they will vote for Biden and 40 percent said they will certainly vote because that Trump if they space candidates in the 2024 presidential election, after ~ weighting by likelihood to vote.

Another 12 percent said they don"t know exactly how they would certainly vote.

Unsurprisingly, both candidates gained majority support amongst those that voted for them in the 2020 election, v 87 percent that Trump voters backing trump again and also 85 percent the Biden voters backing Biden in 2024.

Among 2020 trumped voters, the most well-known 2024 election concerns are immigrant (49 percent), government spending (39 percent), and also unemployment and wages (37 percent).

While the most popular 2024 election issues amongst 2020 Biden voters room health treatment (60 percent), the environment (43 percent), and also unemployment and wages (34 percent).


This combination of pictures produced on October 22, 2020 mirrors US chairman Donald trump card (L) and also Democratic Presidential candidate and also former us Vice president Joe Biden during the final presidential dispute at Belmont college in Nashville, Tennessee, ~ above October 22, 2020. Brendan Smialowski and also Jim Watson/Getty ImagesThe poll comes as Biden"s approval ratings proceed to fade among Americans, adhering to a summer rise of the pandemic, a chaotic Afghanistan convoy pullout and also Democratic in-fighting end a multi-trillion-dollar spending package that"s an essential to the president"s domestic agenda.

Neither Biden or Trump have officially announced a bid for 2024, back Trump has repeatedly teased a go back to the White House since leaving office earlier this year.

During a rally in Iowa previously this month, Trump teased a potential new slogan because that 2024, stopping short of officially announcing a reelection bid.

"It was an alleged to be save America an excellent but America"s not an excellent right now. For this reason we"re making use of the very same slogan, do America an excellent Again, and also we may even include to it," he told a crowd of supporters. "Make America an excellent Again, Again."

However, the ex-president has actually signaled the he would certainly not be launching a bid whenever soon as result of "campaign financing" regulations.

An main announcement would trigger election laws that will regulate exactly how he deserve to raise and spend money, and also impose a legal obligation to file annual gaue won disclosures comprise details around candidates" personal and service finances.

There are also a slew the other influential Republicans who have actually indicated interest in authorized the presidential gyeongju in 2024, including Florida governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary the State Mike Pompeo, former Vice president Mike Pence and also former ambassador to the United countries Nikki Haley.

The vote sampled 1,500 eligible voter in the U.S. On October 17, 2021. The margin of error is add to or minus 2.53 percent.

Nate Silver"s FiveThirtyEight rated Redfield & Wilton tactics a B/C on their pollster scores charts, v 78 percent the races called correctly the end of nine polls analyzed by the website.

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Redfield & Wilton methods is a member of the brother Polling council (BPC) and also the American Association for Public Opinion research (AAPOR) and also abides by both organizations" rules.