Why walk Tampa just Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady keep playing football despite being 43 year old and also having won at least two more Super bowl titles than any type of other player in NFL history?

It turns out Brady simply really loves play the sport and wants to maximize whatever window he has actually left to enjoy that part of his life.

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“I nothing think proving it because that me is the motivation,” Brady said throughout a recent “Good Morning America” interview through Michael Strahan.

“Like, i still want to play. I’ve gained like a tiny sickness in me that simply wants to litter a freaking spiral, you recognize what i mean? Also, about football — once you stop, you can not go back and do it. I’ve gained some much more football in me. No a lot, and I recognize that. However what I’ve gained left, ns going to give whatever I’ve got.”

GMA EXCLUSIVE: "I still want to play...I acquired a little sickness in me that simply wants to throw a freaking spiral."
michaelstrahan he"s acquired "some much more football in me." https://t.co/WRa19Pkehy pic.twitter.com/kdu5Aq03Xl

— an excellent Morning America (

Proving his doubters wrong as a 6th round breeze pick has actually always noted Brady with a chip ~ above his shoulder. Many legendary players across sports have actually something like that native their previous to motivate them.

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After to win his seventh Super bowl title -- and an initial with the Bucs -- in February, there"s absolutely nothing left because that Brady to prove. You could argue that was the situation even before he left the new England Patriots to authorize with the Buccaneers together a totally free agent in 2020.

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Brady is signed with the Buccaneers through the 2022 campaign, for this reason he"ll it is in 45 years old as soon as his present contract expires. He has, top top a few occasions, to express a desire to play until he"s 45. 

Given the abundance of talent on the Buccaneers roster -- the team is bringing back all 22 starters from critical season"s at sight Bowl-winning roster -- it provides a the majority of sense for Brady to store the Tampa Bay experience going as long as that can, especially when he"s still play at an elite level.