Keep up to date with the Tiger Woods 2021 schedule here. I m sorry tournaments will he play throughout the 2021 PGA tour season? As quickly as any type of changes space made, girlfriend will have the ability to read about them right here…

Tiger Woods 2021 schedule: Where has actually he play so far?

Woods kicked off his 2021 season through a missed reduced at the united state Open.

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Woods climate teamed up through Justin cutting board to take on Rory McIlroy and Justin rose for a charity match, the Payne’s sink Cup, to commemorate the cool opening of the Payne’s sink course in Missouri – the first public food designed through Woods and his company TGR Design.

He ended 2020 defending his Zozo Championship and also Masters location defences, where he perfect T72 and also T38 respectively.

Tiger Woods 2021 schedule: Exemptions

Woods’ win in the 2019 Masters way he has a five-year exemption ~ above the PGA tour so have the right to enter any kind of tournament in 2021.


As because that the majors, the Masters and PGA Championship offer life time exemption come champions, while the open up is approximately the age of 60.

Woods’ 10-year US open exemption ran out in 2018, but that win at Augusta it s okay him in because that the next five.

Tiger Woods 2021 schedule: Results

US open (Winged Foot) MCZozo Championship (Sherwood) T72The master (Augusta National) T38

Woods also played alongside child Charlie in the 2020 PNC Championship, where they perfect 7th at 20-under.

Tiger Woods 2021 schedule: wherein will he play next?

Woods was connected in a car accident ~ above February 23 and will not compete for the foreseeable future.

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Tiger Woods 2021 schedule: shown entries


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