Tiger Woods" ache after his single-vehicle auto accident in February has actually been "very manageable" lately, a source tells audioeditorfree.com



Tiger Woods has actually made a many progress due to the fact that his single-vehicle rollover car crash in February, a resource tells audioeditorfree.com as the iconic athlete to be spotted earlier on the golf course over the weekend.

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"Tiger has actually made a remarkable recovery in the past couple of months, however it's also more significant lately," the source says. "It's choose every work he deserve to do more, he have the right to handle more, the ache is less and he's emotion better."

Woods, 45, "suffered far-reaching orthopedic injuries to his right reduced extremity" in the Feb. 23 accident in southerly California, follow to Anish Mahajan, MD, chief medical officer in ~ Harbor-UCLA medical Center, that released a statement on Woods' Twitter web page the day after the crash.

More specifics Mahajan claimed Woods suffered "comminuted open fractures," meaning his tibia and also fibula bones had actually shattered and broken with the skin, requiring immediate surgery, together with smaller injuries come the ankle and foot.

Woods has been doing physical therapy, the source tells audioeditorfree.com, and also has to be pushing himself to work-related up come his body's limits.

"He says that the pains is really manageable now," defines the insider. "For the first pair months, he'd just be sit at home with his leg up, and also it would be throbbing and also he'd it is in in so lot pain. Now he still has pain, however it's nothing favor what he faced before. He's feeling strong and healthy and optimistic the he'll be able to return come tour."

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When he'll be earlier on the PGA tour is unclear, despite — however Woods is no stranger to comebacks, to win the 2019 master which was his an initial major victory in over a decade.

"He's gained a timeframe in his head, however he's not really placing that the end there; that knows when he desires to return, and he's going to do it happen," claims the source. "He says even if he's no at 100%, he knows how crucial it is to get back out there and also compete. That's his goal."

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Over the weekend, Woods was spotted top top a Florida golf course, watching as his son Charlie, 12, completed in a junior tournament. His girlfriend Erica Herman appeared to be by his side.

During the February accident, Woods' car to win a authorize in the facility divider, reduced through a tree and also landed together the road. According to the files previously obtained by CNN, Woods told police following the crash that he had actually no recollection of control or exactly how the accident happened.

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In April, Los Angeles county Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that speed was the primary cause of Woods' crash. The sheriff also said the there were "no indicators of impairment," and that Woods would receive no citations because that the accident.

Earlier this year, in his an initial interview since the accident, Woods told Golf Digest that the was concentrated on being able to start moving top top his very own again v the help of physical therapy.

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"I carry out my routines every day and am concentrated on mine No. 1 goal best now: go on my own. Taking it one action at a time," the told the outlet in ~ the time, at that suggest declining come answer as soon as asked if the would be able to play golf again.



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