Almost specifically two years after the fire that ruined Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, the historic landmark held little services for divine Week as reconstruction on the top church continues.

On divine Thursday, the cathedral hosted a little ceremony that consisted of a foot-washing ritual, ABC News reported. The service was held at the cathedral, which is tho under construction.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions and also the cathedral's existing state, just six world were selected to to visit the ceremony. The group had medical staff, the needy and some who would be i was baptized on Easter Sunday.



It is unlikely the Notre Dame will be holding intricate ceremonies for religious holidays any kind of time soon.

Following good Friday ceremonies, Notre Dame Rector Patrick Chauvet told The associated Press that the cathedral and also its esplanade could remain under building for one more "15 or 20 years."

After the April 2019 fire, French chairman Emmanuel Macron announced that reconstruction job-related on Notre Dame would be completed within five years (for Paris to hold the 2024 Olympics). But that day was easily dispelled by church authorities.



The fire spread toxic command dust transparent the nearby area, which demanded cleaning prior to construction work might even begin. Already, rebuilding native the fire has been a lengthy process. It took end a year to decide what the construction process would entail and also until November 2020 to remove charred scaffolding indigenous the structure.

Areas near the cathedral have actually been slowly reopening to the public as work-related progresses. The public plaza in prior of the church reopened in June and the crypt beneath Notre Dame reopened in September.

Notre Dame is right now operating indigenous its momentary liturgical basic at the nearby church of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois. If Paris waits because that the cathedral to reopen, a temporary, smaller sized chapel could open top top its grounds.

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