On the weekend that February 24, 2017, the much more than 400 members of the autonomous National Committee (DNC) elected former job Secretary Tom Perez to success interim chairwoman Donna Brazile.

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<1> Brazile took end the place after former chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) resigned throughout the 2016 elections. At the time, leaked emails appeared to display Wasserman Schultz and DNC officials strategizing to promote Hillary Clinton"s presidential campaign and hurt rival Bernie Sanders.

Other candidates because that the position consisted of Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.); Idaho autonomous Party executive, management director Sally Boynton Brown; market of southern Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg; and political strategist Jehmu Greene.<2><3><4><5><6>

New Hampshire democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley was in the running but dropped out on February 18, 2017, to endorse Ellison.<7> on February 23, 2017, south Carolina democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison dropped the end of the race and also endorsed Perez.<8>


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Democratic nationwide Committee

The DNC is the governing body of the democratic Party and consists of roughly 440 poll members, most of whom room affiliated with state democratic parties.<9> The autonomous Party"s charter recognizes the adhering to six obligations for the DNC:<10>

Issuing the call to the national Convention;Conducting the Party"s Presidential campaign;Filling vacancies in the nominations for the office the President and also Vice President;Formulating and also disseminating statements of Party policy;Providing because that the election or meeting of a Chairperson, five Vice Chairpersons, among whom shall it is in the chairman of the association of State autonomous Chairs and also one of who shall be the evil Chairperson for public Engagement and also Voter Participation, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a national Finance Chair and other ideal officers of the national Committee, who v the exemption of the Chairperson and the chairman of the association of State autonomous Chairs, shall be as equally divided as practicable follow to gender, and also for the pour it until it is full of vacancies, all in accordance with Rules the Procedure adopted by the democratic National Committee; and also

Position that chair

The chair that the DNC is charged v carrying out the party"s policies and also overseeing the democratic National Convention. One of the main features of the party chair is come raise money because that the party and to straight where that money is invested in local, state, and also federal races. The 2017 chair gyeongju was notable due to the fact that it to be the very first contested chair race due to the fact that 2005. As soon as Democrats have managed the White House, a democratic president typically recommends a chair and also the party members grant that choice.<9>

Process the electing the chair

According to the bylaws the the autonomous National Committee, the choice of a chair must take place at a complete committee meeting held when there is a vacancy in the chairmanship or held after a presidential election and also before march 1 that the following year. The chair is elected with a majority of votes from the committee members.<10>

Historical chairs

Below is a historic list that past and also present chairs the the DNC. Click to view the full list:<12>

Chair ax State
Benjamin F. Hallett1848–1852Massachusetts
Robert Milligan McLane1852–1856Maryland
David Allen Smalley1856–1860Vermont
August Belmont1860–1872New York
Augustus Schell1872–1876New York
Abram Stevens Hewitt1876–1877New York
William H. Barnum1877–1889Connecticut
Calvin Stewart Brice1889–1892Ohio
William F. Harrity1892–1896Pennsylvania
James K. Jones1896–1904Arkansas
Thomas Taggart1904–1908Indiana
Norman E. Mack1908–1912New York
William F. McCombs1912–1916New York
Vance C. McCormick1916–1919Pennsylvania
Homer S. Cummings1919–1920Connecticut
George White1920–1921Ohio
Cordell Hull1921–1924Tennessee
Clem L. Shaver1924–1928West Virginia
John J. Raskob1928–1932New York
James A. Farley1932–1940New York
Edward J. Flynn1940–1943New York
Frank C. Walker1943–1944Pennsylvania
Robert E. Hannegan1944–1947Missouri
J. Howard McGrath1947–1949Rhode Island
William M. Boyle1949–1951Missouri
Frank E. McKinney1951–1952Indiana
Stephen Mitchell1952–1955Illinois
Paul M. Butler1955–1960Indiana
Henry M. Jackson1960–1961Washington
John Moran Bailey1961–1968Connecticut
Lawrence F. O"Brien1968–1969Massachusetts
Fred R. Harris1969–1970Oklahoma
Lawrence F. O"Brien1970–1972Massachusetts
Jean Westwood1972Utah
Robert S. Strauss1972–1977Texas
Kenneth M. Curtis1977–1978Maine
John C. White1978–1981Texas
Charles T. Manatt1981–1985California
Paul G. Kirk1985–1989Massachusetts
Ron Brown1989–1993New York
David Wilhelm1993–1994Ohio
Debra DeLee1994–1995Massachusetts
Christopher J. Dodd1995–1997Connecticut
Donald Fowler1995–1997South Carolina
Roy Romer1997–1999Colorado
Steven Grossman1997–1999Massachusetts
Edward G. Rendell1999–2001Pennsylvania
Joseph Andrew1999–2001Indiana
Terry McAuliffe2001–2005Virginia
Howard Dean2005–2009Vermont
Tim Kaine2009–2011Virginia
Debbie Wasserman Schultz2011–2016Florida
Donna Brazile2016-2017Washington, D.C.
Tom Perez2017-presentNew York


The adhering to table details the major declared candidates in the 2017 race for DNC chair, together with their declared priorities.

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Candidates because that DNC chair, 2017 Candidate Position throughout DNC race focus of DNC chair project Candidate statement
Keith EllisonU.S. Rep. From Minnesota• focus on working families• State and local candidate development• Prioritization the voter relationships"We have to invest in and also empower ours state and local next by producing effective field operations, an amplified and advanced voter file, and a society of collaboration between candidates in ~ every level."<13>
By state
Alabama • Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • new Hampshire • brand-new Jersey • brand-new Mexico • new York • phibìc Carolina • north Dakota • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • south Carolina • south Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • vermont • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin • WyomingContact the audioeditorfree.com team
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