The new ABC drama “Designated Survivor” speak the story of U.S. Secretary the Housing and also Urban breakthrough Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) ascending to the White house after the Capitol building is puffy up during the State that the Union address.

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The premise here, as explained by ads because that the show, is that Kirkman is the “designated survivor” — a term supplied to define the room member who doesn’t to visit the State of the Union therefore there’ll it is in somebody who is in the presidential line of sequence left alive should, girlfriend know, a bomb death everybody in attendance.

The designated survivor is a real exercise by the U.S. Government, one the comes right into play any time the significant players in the federal government are gathered in one location — including, however not minimal to, the State of the Union. Other such occasions would it is in a presidential inauguration or a presidential attend to to a share session the Congress.

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Here’s how it works. The designated survivor is a cabinet member will be chosen indigenous those in the line of succession, often based upon who has the the very least tangible factor to attend the event. (Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Obama, who is no that Jon Favreau, nicely explains some of the ins and outs of that is preferred as the Designated Survivor at The Ringer.)

“Designated Survivor” provides a good example: There’s a whole to-do around how Kirkman’s plan suggestions didn’t make it into the president’s speech, and thus Kirkman doesn’t need to attend the State that the Union, because he won’t be mentioned.

Once chosen, the designated survivor will certainly be sequestered in a secret and secure location, with an enig Service protection. The “secret” component is vital — simply being away on government company precludes who from being the designated survivor.

The heat of succession will remain intact, the course. Anyone in the line of succession who is ahead of the designated survivor and also is still lively after the hypothetical event that wipes the end a bunch the the government would still come to be president instead the the designated survivor. The place is simply there together a worst-case script thing, i m sorry is what we view on the show.

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The designated survivor must, the course, be someone that fulfills every the requirements to actually come to be President. Sally Jewell, existing real-life Secretary the the Interior, can not be a designated survivor due to the fact that she was born in England and also is not a natural-born citizen of the United states — and is therefore not may be to end up being President.

The Secretary the Housing and Urban Development, by the way, is 13th in the line of sequence (or, in the real civilization at this moment, 12th — due to the fact that Secretary the the inner is greater in line however Jewell is no eligible). That areas the HUD secretary behind nine cabinet members, the President agree tempore of the Senate, the speaker of the House and the evil President. There are five other room members lower on the totem pole, also.

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