Spicer hung on for eight weeks prior to viewers provided him the axeMany complained around ex-Trump figure being given platform


Sean Spicer v his partner Jenna Johnson. Trump deleted a mid-show tweet in i m sorry he encouraged viewers to vote for Spicer. Photograph: Kelsey McNeal/ABC
Sean Spicer v his companion Jenna Johnson. Trump deleted a mid-show tweet in i m sorry he motivated viewers to poll for Spicer. Photograph: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

The former White home press secretary Sean Spicer has been removed from his very first post-political project after hanging on because that eight main of low scores, frustration and also disappointment ~ above the TV show Dancing with the Stars.

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The finish for Spicer, who had presented substandard an abilities on the floor and bizarre options in the costume department, come after he and also partner Jenna Johnson tangoed to Destiny’s children Bills, Bills, Bills and also foxtrotted come One Direction’s Story of my Life.

From his an initial performance in a lime-green ruffled shirt to the summer sprouts Girls’ summer sprouts Up her Life, to his removed in the quarter-finals, Spicer showed a controversial choice.

Many pan of the display complained about such one overtly political figure being readily available a shot in ~ rehabilitation.

Spicer’s persistence in spite of being a weak performer gave movie critics a feeling of deja vu, based upon Spicer’s short and also stormy tenure as Donald Trump’s an initial presidential push secretary. He lost the to trust of plenty of journalists ~ above his very first day in January 2017, as soon as he angrily lambasted the gathered media in the push room for stating the tiny crowds in ~ Trump’s inauguration.

Spicer elevated his voice and falsely said: “This was the biggest audience to ever witness one inauguration – period.”

Spicer lasted 6 months. He endured a destructive parody of him on Saturday Night Live by Melissa McCarthy.

Judges top top Dancing v the Stars had actually complained that Spicer repeatedly escaped expulsion native the contest in spite of being below-par. “We keep throwing you the end the boat and also the viewers save throwing a life preserver,” Len Goodman complained.

The an enig to Spicer’s longevity, range reported, is that the DWTS ratings room still relatively strong in red-state America.

Spicer’s previous political colleagues offered their support, consisting of Sarah Sanders, who replaced him as White home press spokesperson. She claimed she and her family were “fully behind him”. Donald trump card Jr, urged pan to poll for Spicer come frustrate “Hollywood” and also “liberals”.

After Spicer’s expulsion, Donald Trump, who had actually urged viewers to poll for Spicer, sent his congratulations but deleted a mid-show tweet that had encouraged viewers to vote for his hapless previous spokesman.

“A good try by seanspicer. We room all proud that you!” trump card wrote.

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In the end, Spicer bowed out through some measure up of grace the escaped the on the dance floor. “To anyone who has voted and supported me end the past nine weeks on dancing ABC. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ns made it come the quarter-finals due to the fact that of your votes. I had actually a blast,” he tweeted.