Joe Henderson: A debunked story doesn’t matter so long as the fits Ron DeSantis’ narrative

New polling released by a Republican political committee mirrors U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Ron DeSantis in better-than-decent form for reelection.

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A VCreek/AMG poll reflects Rubio increase 42% to 38% versus Democratic U.S. Rep. Val Demings in a hypothetical head-to-head. Demings, an Orlando Congresswoman, remains the most significant Democrat difficult the second-term Republican Senator.

Of note, it is within the poll’s 4.87% margin of error. But the poll also finds 15% space still undecided, denote there’s many of “blue” and “strong blue” voter still on the fence. Around 5% of those polled intended to poll for another candidate.

The polling outfit additionally tested Rubio versus former U.S. Rep. Al Grayson, another Democrat search his party’s nomination. It uncovered Rubio leading Grayson with a more decisive 44% come 32% margin, with 14% undecided and also 10% speak they would certainly vote because that someone else.

While Rubio polls much less than 50% against either Democrat, pollster J.D. Johannes says there is reason for Republican optimism, even if Rubio’s standing among his base has slipped in recent years.


“Rubio requirements to solidify his standing among voters who design ‘Regular Red’ and also expand his re-superstructure of ‘Purple’ voter over the following 12 months to be in strong position heading into November 2022,” johannes writes.

The exact same pollster likewise released results top top the Governor’s race, pegging DeSantis versus the optimal Democrats looking come oust him following year. Again, pollsters uncovered the Republican through a regular edge.

DeSantis leads Charlie Crist, a democratic Congressman and former Republican Governor, 47% to 39%, through 12% undecided and also 2% interested in one more candidate.

Against Nikki Fried, Florida’s farming Commissioner, DeSantis comes in at 48% to her 36%.

For Fried, the puts DeSantis exterior the poll’s margin of error, when it leaves the Governor just inside the it against Crist. Again, the undecideds it seems ~ split amongst those voters understood “purple,” “blue” or “strong blue.”


“This structure of reference suggests DeSantis’ basic is still strong aligned v him even through the disturbance of COVID,” john writes.

And the poll notably finds great news because that DeSantis in terms of his view on chairman Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. The pollster reflects 54% the voters carry out not donate a mandate, compared to 43% that do. About half of “purple” voter oppose them compared to more than 30% who assistance them and almost 20% who room unsure.

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On other issues, the pollster find 61% the Florida voters price the topics “controlling inflation,” “stopping the rise in violent crime” and “controlling the high price of health and wellness insurance and also prescriptions” together “very important.”

The polls were paid because that by ameri PAC, which support Republican candidates nationwide.

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