The frozen macaroni and also cheese in ~ Panera is a an excellent example that a just prepared food, frozen to maintain the integrity of the freshest product.Getty Images, Panera Bread
How go Panera really make its signature Mac & Cheese so completely creamy every time?

A video clip recently posted to tiktok by someone who claims to it is in employed by the fast-casual chain is leaving an unsavory taste in part food fans" mouths.

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In the clip, a person picks increase a sealed plastic bag that appears to be filled with an individual serving of creamy pasta, then places it into a commercial boiler (a usual tool uncovered in experienced kitchens used to warm multiple item in boiling water), removes the bag, slices it open up with scissors, pours the mac right into a bowl and, presumably, offer it up.

The caption of the video clip reads, "exposing panera."

The video has received over 300,000 likes and virtually 3,000 comment — countless of i m sorry express utter disbelief about the process.

Another claimed they would favor to eat elsewhere and also commented, "This is why i have actually never been there. Ns don’t want glorified hospital food for $$$."


Some folks appear to be simply fine v frozen food if the only expenses a few bucks, however would certainly prefer to gain their money"s worth.

"It i will not ~ be so bad if they weren’t so high value ya know," who said.

Many individuals, however, weren"t phased through the alleged employee"s exposé in ~ all.

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"That’s how practically all chain restaurants cook and serve your food. It’s referred to as efficiency," one spectator wrote.

"That"s a better way of food preparation it open minded the water creates a far better distribution the heat.