Olivia Newton-John offered an upgrade amid her battle with stage 4 chest cancer. Getty images for G"Day USA

Olivia Newton-John has actually remained optimistic in her fight against stage 4 chest cancer by not dwelling top top it.

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“I’m winning over it well and that’s how I check out it,” Newton-John, 73, said Hoda Kotb on Wednesday’s episode of the “Today” show. “I don’t think about it a lot, to be honest. Refusal is a really great thing and I’m getting stronger and better all the time! I’m act well!”

The “Grease” alum added that she’s “feeling pretty good” and managing she pain with medical marijuana.

“I have actually my days, I have actually my pains, however the cannabis the my husband grows because that me has been together a huge part of my healing, and also so I’m a really happy person,” she said.

She additionally bonded with Kotb, who battled her own cancer diagnosis 14 years ago.

“We’re sisters. Anyone that has actually gone top top this journey through cancer, it’s unknown destinations and also surprises and also turns,” Newton-John said the talk display host.

The actress and Hoda Kotb can relate, having actually both been diagnosed v cancer. Twitter

The “Physical” singer called Kotb she didn’t know she previously had cancer and asked exactly how she to be doing through teary eyes, to which Kotb said, “Yes, I’m doing good.”

Kotb added, “By the way, I’m simply going to pause for a second. One more wonderful thing around you is what you just did there. Say thanks to you. Thank you because that asking.”

Newton-John to be diagnosed with cancer because that the 3rd time in September 2018. The Aussie star was first diagnosed in 1992 and also again in may 2017.

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She led to a stir in January when she revealed the she had no plan to gain the COVID-19 vaccine amid she cancer struggle.