Just a few short months after launching the impressive Vibe K4 chú ý (Review | Pictures) Lenovo has unveiled another low-cost phone called the Vibe K5 Plus. The new model, which launched in India before any other country, does not replace the popular K4 Note. In fact, priced at just Rs. 8,499, the K5 Plus is below the K4 cảnh báo in Lenovo"s hierarchy. This awkwardness is apparently due khổng lồ internal reshuffling as the company gears up to integrate Motorola"s popular mid-budget offerings into its lineup.

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Naming aside, it"s pretty clear where the new model"s aspirations lie. There are a lot of great phones lớn be had for Rs. 10,000 or less today, and Lenovo wants in on that action. In that sense, the K5 Plus is more of an update lớn the extremely popular K3 chú ý (Review | Pictures), bringing a more premium look khổng lồ an even lower price point.

Look & feelThe Vibe K5 Plus looks great for a low-cost phone. We received a silver unit for review, but this phone is also available in gold & grey. There"s a front camera và sensor window above the screen, và capacitive navigation buttons below. These buttons are sadly not backlit so you might wind up fumbling a bit in the dark. There isn"t much wasted space lớn the sides of the screen, which makes this phone pretty easy to use with one hand.

The rear và sides are formed into a single shell that pops off with relatively little effort. It might look like there are strips of plastic on the top và bottom with metal in the middle, but it"s only a thin plate over an all-plastic structural frame. Still, it feels cool to the touch, which is part of its premium feel.


The camera is in one corner, with a single LED flash next khổng lồ it. More interesting are the twin speaker grilles & Dolby biểu tượng logo lower down - stereo speakers are rare on phones in general, let alone budget ones. The 3.5mm audio socket & Micro-USB port are both on the top, and the power & volume buttons are on the right, leaving the bottom and left blank.

The battery is removable, and you"ll have to pop it out in order khổng lồ get lớn the two Micro-SIM slots và the microSD slot. You get a 1.5A charger, USB cable, & adhesive screen protector in the box, but no headset.


Specifications & softwareThe Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus has a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor running the show. There"s 2GB of RAM & 16GB of storage along with LTE tư vấn on either SIM. The battery has a capacity of 2750mAh & all the usual standards, including công nghệ bluetooth không dây 4.1, Wi-Fi b/g/n, AGPS, và USB-OTG are present & accounted for.

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The display measures 5 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 1080x1920 which pretty good for this price range. The phone also supports Lenovo"s AntVR headset for immersive media experiences. The rear camera has a 13 megapixel sensor and the front camera has a 5 megapixel sensor. đoạn phim recording goes up lớn 1080p. There"s also Dolby audio enhancement, as the biệu tượng công ty on the back suggests.


Other than that, there are no extras such as a fingerprint reader or IR emitter. Other low-cost phones bởi offer these as quality selling points, và it seems that Lenovo is going with the metallic body toàn thân as the Vibe K5 Plus"s main advantage.

Lenovo has decided not to lớn give budget segment buyers all the benefits of the revamped Vibe UI that shipped with the premium Vibe X3 earlier this year. There"s no dedicated app drawer or even an option khổng lồ switch one on. The base OS is android 5.1.1 but yet again, we see a manufacturer overriding the standard apk Recents button & turning it into a useless menu button on a low-end phone.


There"s a Lenovo Companion phầm mềm which lets you check for software updates and perform basic subsystem tests, as well as the familiar SHAREit and SYNCit for transferring files and backing up data respectively. Theme Center offers six options & a variety of wallpaper images, but nothing close to lớn stock apk which we would have liked. You also get an assortment of apps including trò chơi Store, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, UC Browser, Flipkart, Myntra, Evernote, và Truecaller, which are thankfully all removable.

PerformanceWe found the Vibe K5 Plus a pleasant phone lớn use, on the whole. The screen is sharp và bright, though colours are just a tiny bit dull. Audio, on the other hand, is loud và clear. The twin speakers really do make a difference - we only wish they had been pointing forward. The Dolby Atmos controls vì chưng make a difference, but only in supported apps. Our biggest complaint with this phone was that its upper back got quite hot when doing relatively simple things such as streaming YouTube videos.


Benchmark tests showed that performance is on par with other budget phones. We recorded scores of 35,727 in AnTuTu & 20,227 overall in Quadrant. 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme gave us 5,596 points và GFXbench ran at 12fps. Curiously though, these scores are overall lower than what the Lenovo K3 cảnh báo managed.

Photo unique was mostly okay - there"s a bit of grain on anything that isn"t right in front of the lens, và only close-up shots are really good. Focusing was an issue in all kinds of light - we had khổng lồ hold very steady when taking shots or the results would be unpredictable. However, most of these things aren"t really problems unless you"re zooming in lớn photos at full size. You get a small number of filters, but not much else. Video clip was smooth at 1080p, but we did notice the phone heating up again when recording, There"s also a 30-minute hard limit on video clip length, which we found unnecessary.

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Battery life seemed just about okay in day-to-day use, with the phone making it through the day if usage was relatively light. Our đoạn phim loop kiểm tra went on for 6 hours, 46 minutes, which is below average. The phone seemed khổng lồ last well when in standby, but on the other hand, charging was pretty slow.

VerdictIt seems that Lenovo has the makings of another winner on its hands. It could be as popular as the K3 lưu ý was, bringing similar features & even better looks khổng lồ a lower price level. The only real objections we have with this phone are its weak battery life and tendency lớn become uncomfortably warm when anything serious is running.


In terms of performance, the Vibe K5 Plus edges out the more expensive Honor 5X (Review | Pictures) and seems lượt thích a better khuyến mãi that similarly priced phones such as the Karbonn Quattro L50 HD (Review | Pictures). However, the mi Redmi note 3 (Review | Pictures) is just one step up in terms of pricing, & you might be a lot happier spending just a little more.